1. Tuberoller1

    Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 (or so) Can anything beat the Eastern Electric Minimax?

    I currently have an eastern electric minimax dace with a mullard tube in it as well has a musical fidelity v-link asynchronous usb->spdif feeding it.  From what I've read the EE seems like a giant killer (especially with the MF v-link feeding it).  My question is, how much would I have to spend...
  2. Sven

    MalValve Headamp Three + PS Paudio PWD + Audeze LCD3 -- I'm so amazed!

    Hi all   After my recent adventure with the Red Wine Audio Audeze Edition DAC/KHV witch was not the "right one" for me, i have to praise Mr. Rossi from Red Wine Audio. He was really polite and understanding and offered me another unit in exchange without any costs...after i respectfully...
  3. sheridant

    what interconnects should i try for a perfectwave dac into a luxman p-1u headphone amp - feeding a hd800 with cardas cabling

    currently using an old pair of chord solid MkII's , probably not the best option   What would you recommend - Chord anthem II's seems a good option? - but I'd love more ideas   older options that are available second hand also very appealing!   Cheers   sheridan
  4. Jdevesa

    PS Audio PerfectWave DAC

    Hello, I am looking for a very good DAC that I can keep for a while without the urge to upgrade and found the PS Audio PerfectWave DAC which looks very promising plus has great features such as being a media server.    Would like to know impressions of headfiers that have it or have heard it...
  5. jc9394

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    Changed title for the PWD lovers, there is more PWD owners out there.
  6. MildBill

    To DAC or not to DAC

    My current headphone system is, PS Audio Power Port, PerfectWave power cables, Duet power center, Kimber Kable Hero interconnects Marantz SA-8003 sacd player, PS Audio GCHA headphone amp and Sennheiser HD-580 phones. The headphone amp is hooked up directly to the player. I'm thinking about...
  7. VT Skier

    PS Audio GCHA Obsolete?

    Does anyone know whether PS Audio is planning to replace the GCHA with a new amp? It's about five years old, and the price has recently been cut in half. I wasn't able to get a response from PS Audio, and the dealer I know hasn't heard anything either. Thanks for any help with this. Jon
  8. yococo96

    the best dac for 2k

      hi  i want to upgrade my rig.(02, dx1000)  now I'm looking for a hi end dac.  I want something that is musical but not lacks detail.  I made a list;  havana  rwa isabellina  cyrus dacx  wavelength the brick with power supply  bryston bda1 wich I really don't know.  I...
  9. PS Audio - PerfectWave DAC

    PS Audio - PerfectWave DAC

    The PS Audio PerfectWave DAC will change the way you think about digital-to-analog converters. It accesses high-resolution digital audio data from multiple sources such as a CD transport, CD player, computer, network, or the Internet, and converts the data to natural sounding, highly musical...