1. sameguy

    Semi portable DAC / Amp

    Heres the skinny. My normal HIFI listening is on a big Linn Home theater system. Fully aktiv speakers, multiple amps, etc. lately it gets used less and less and I find myself listening to the computer set up. Quad 12 L active speakers and sub (seriously amazing) PS Auds Trio Pre, DLIII DAC and...
  2. NobleSix

    Amp Recommendations for under $500. Looking for power, speed and detail.

    Hi guys can u give me recommendations for any powerful amps with emphasis on speed and detail (with tighter bass too).. im willing to spend 500 bucks, 600 max for em.. thanks 
  3. ExCelciuS

    Audez'e LCD 2 vs Denon D7000 ?

    Hi, after read some posts here, I think LCD2 and D7000 shines on the same spot, that is bass department.   So, which is better for overall musicality?   What are the differences between LCD2 and D7000 in terms of sound quality, which is better?       Thanks in advance.
  4. DjAmTraX

    PS Audio GCHA Headphones amp. *** Pictures ***

    This amp sounds GREAT for the money.  Here are some pictures to share.   *** Update *** This amp pairs well with Sony MDR-SA5000 and Denon D7000.    
  5. VT Skier

    Ultrasone Edition 8 and GCHA

    Has anyone tried the Ed 8s with the PS AUdio GCHAs?  I've looked through the various threads but wasn't able to find anything, although people seem to like this amp with the Denon 5000s and 7000s.   And does anyone know whether B&H or other retailers are offering the Ed 8s at a discount?  I...
  6. bamboo5354

    PS audio GCHA under power for sennheiser HD800?

    Hi My current setup is PC FLAC Files>PS Audio GCHA via USB input>HD800 and most of the time I need to turn the volume control pass the 3 o'clock position to get sufficient volume. Volume control on my PC and media player are at 100%. Is this normal for this amp?  is it my source? or is the amp...
  7. dfong87

    PS Audio GCHA vs. Nuforce HDP better choice for Sennheiser 650/580 ?

    hi all,   i was wondering if anyone compared these amps, head to head. i'm looking for something to use at work with my Sennheiser 580s (although i may bring my 650s in since they are seeing next to zero usage at home) at work, taking data via USB from my Mac Pro.   which would be a...
  8. amandela77

    BeyerDynamic DT 990/600 ohm Cans after 30 hours

    Can-heads:   The sound of my new BeyerDynamic DT- 990s has improved considerably with a little break-in time. The brightness in the upper mids and lower treble, while not banished outright, has tamed significantly. An incredible sense of openness, air and extension has replaced outright...
  9. DjAmTraX

    AKG K702 Top of the Line Headphones Unboxing Video

    Just got this up on YouTube (may not be in HD yet).  Hope you guys like it.  Please comment and share.  I will update this thread with my thoughts on how it sounds.  I planned to use it with either my Lehmann Black Cube Linear or PS Audio GCHA amp.  ...
  10. lmf22

    PS Audio GCHA and Beyerdynamic DT 990?

    I have been hearing great things about the PS Audio GCHA.  Now that I have some money to spend, and it's half price, I was wondering if I should give a try.  Anyone tried the GCHA with the Beyerdynamic DT 990 (600 ohm)?  Do they pair well?  Any idea how it would compare to the headphone amp in...
  11. Frank I

    PS Audio GCHA in the house

    I received the GCHA on Friday and it still burning in and I will do a full review on this in a couple of weeks. Early impressions are very favorable with all three of my reference cans.
  12. Greeni

    $700 SS amp - Rudistor, Meier, Burson ?

    $700 SS amp,   - Rudistor NX-03 - Meier Concerto - Burson HA-160 - PS audio GCHA   I am aware Meier has gain setting and probably has an edge for efficient phones.   Which one you like most?   Are there other contenders amongst the best ?
  13. Lornecherry

    PS Audio GCHA mini-review; some initial impressions

    A GCHA just showed up via UPS at my door. Bought used on A'gon for $500. Unfortunately, I just sold my Grado G1000s and am awaiting the arrival of Sen 650s, so these initial thoughts are through my iPod's portables stalwarts, the Sen Px 100s. Hence, take my impressions with a grain of rolled-off...
  14. wumengchao

    about rpx33 and ps audio gcha

    i am looking for headphone amp, and i found these two products. rpx33 is more expensive, about 1330 usd, gcha is much cheaper, 499usd; is rpx33 much better than gcha?  please give me some advice, thank you!!
  15. libertine47


    Hi, im using my HD 650 with nothing!!!!     just HD 650 + iPod Classic !!! i know that a really bad idea but hey i now i just receive a lot cash!!! so i was planning to buy a desktop AMP and a DAC but there a too many choices and differents opinions everywhere!!!! so please need some HELP!! ...
  16. Headlab

    Anyone tried a GCHA with IE8s?

    Hi all :)   I recently acquired some Sennheiser IE8s and thought I'd give them a whirl with my PS Audio GCHA. Since the GCHA uses gain cell tech there is no issue with channel imbalance at low volume unlike my other headamps.   The results were horrible - huge amounts of...
  17. sum

    PS Audio GCHA = Aural Bliss

    So I've received my PS Audio GCHA. All I can say is wow. I've been playing with it for a few days now. My only problem right now is a slight amount of sibilance with my k701s; although this seems to be diminishing. Thus far this amp works incredibly well with any of my cans at any volume. There...
  18. VT Skier

    PS Audio GCHA Obsolete?

    Does anyone know whether PS Audio is planning to replace the GCHA with a new amp? It's about five years old, and the price has recently been cut in half. I wasn't able to get a response from PS Audio, and the dealer I know hasn't heard anything either. Thanks for any help with this. Jon
  19. kenz0

    PS Audio GCHA vs Black Cube Linear

    Hello guys,   I`m consindering the headphone amp to buy. My audio source is X-FI Elite PRO, genre preferences - rock, indie, post rock, electronics. The cans are: AKG 240 MK2 and Beyer`s 990 (250 ohm). Also I`m going to proceed with Denons AH-D2000.   Basically right now, I`m chossing...
  20. BlackstoneJD

    Alternatives to Lehmann Black Cube Linear

    The Lehmann Black Cube Linear sells for about $1,100. Could anyone recommend any alternative full size headphone amps of equal or better quality ANYWHERE under $1,000? (not including the Matrix M-Stage Lehmann clone as I am interested in what other DESIGNS are available.)   What should I be...
  21. bwarfel

    PS Audio GCHA Balanced?????

    Hi,   I am auditioning a GCHA and I think it sounds pretty good.  My question is what is the benefit of the XLR balanced inputs if the headphone out is not balanced?  Honestly I think it is a great sounding amp.  What am I missing?  I have an Esoteric XO3 SE and that deck really needs to use...
  22. PS Audio GCHA Headphone Amplifier

    PS Audio GCHA Headphone Amplifier

    The GCHA headphone amplifier is a great way to listen to high-end audio at home, at the office, at your computer, in the sound room, in the recording studio. The GCHA is a fully balanced, class A power amplifier with a huge power supply designed to bring the ultimate experience from headphones...