1. Austin Morrow

    Pro-Ject Head Box II: The $200 Desktop Amp (Review)

      You don’t see a lot of high end desktop amps under the $200 price range (which is usually why high end desktop amps are so high priced, hence the name high end). Actually, now that I think about it, I have never seen a high end desktop amp under $200. With that being said, why is the Head...
  2. Xbeater

    Anyone have experience with the new "Pro-ject Head Box S"?

    Dear Forum,   I am looking to buy a headphone amp for my new Sennheiser HD598 since I find them a bit lacking in fullness when plugged into my PC. I do currently use my AVR (a Marantz SR7500) as an amp, but this isn't really a good solution as there is a lot of background noise...   I...
  3. Chris85

    Pro-ject Head Box II - not working properly

    Hi All   I have a Pro-ject Head Box II headphone amp which I am using with AKG550s. Unfortunately I was rushing to set up and I inadvertently plugged the cable from my laptop into the amplifier's output and not the input. I listened for a few minutes before I noticed my mistake. I am now...
  4. Somebody007

    I give up it all sounds the same.

    So I'm a beginning audiophile and well I love music so I splashed out on some cash on hd 650s, asus xonar d2x sound card and some cheap amps. Now I heard hd650s need a decent amp so I built a cmoy to begin with seeing as I though it would be a nice learning experience. Then I went on and...
  5. Groove

    Need help deciding between SR325i and HD598, also amps

    Hey guys,   I've browsed around but it seems there is no direct comparison between the two. Basically, I need to get a second setup to listen to music to. I have my own setup of hd800 with naim headline2 with teddypardo psu and teddydac, but now I need another set of something cheaper...
  6. Gusgus

    Musical Fidelity V-Can or Pro-ject headbox II or something else

    I am looking for my first amp to pair with my AKG k 400, I also don't want to spend that much money, so would the V-can be a better choice that the headbox or is there something else I should look at? 
  7. sandwichman1973

    Budget amp for AKG 272/271? (Fiio E9 vs. Head Box Mk II?)

    I´m looking for a good budget amp for my AKG 272. Right now I´m using a small portable Little Dot Micro +. Fiio E9 is maybe my best choice? I´m also interested in the Head Box Mk II. Any AKG owners out there with any experience of these amps, or perhaps any other suggestions?
  8. Sizzers

    Budget Amp For K702's Please

    I'm about to purchase a pair of K702's and I'm looking for opinions on a good budget headphone amp to get them started. I do have a Pro-Ject Headbox II which I'm not expecting great things of with the K's, so any thoughts on what else might be suitable? I really don't want to be spending over...
  9. andre56

    Need some help with amplification

    Hi all,   I'm new to the full-size headphone group, I've always used in-ears but have always had higher end earphones such as the Sennheiser IE8 and Monster Turbine Coppers etc. I've however decided to sell my IE8's and just use my PL30's for portable use.   With the money I have just...
  10. stoogeboy

    Pro-ject Head Box II / E-mu 0202

    Hi all,   So I started my journey with the Grado sr225i headphones thanks to help on this forum. I am loving them. Now I'm looking at headphone amps.   I do most of my listening using the headphone out on my Cambridge Audio 540a stereo amplifier. I'm assuming the Head Box would be better...
  11. AnalogEars

    Need help with choosing amp.

    Because of changed living conditions, I will have to make use of my old, but hardly used headphones again. They are AKG K400's They will be used with my hi-fi set: record player, cd player, radio-tuner, cassettedeck and integrated amp. The amp (Sonneteer) has no possibility to connect...
  12. IanM

    Headstage Arrow 12HE equivalent for desktop use & IEMs? looking for better price v. performance in UK

    I guess the Headstage Arrow 12HE is an odd comparison on the full size amp forum, but I'm unfamiliar with most of the brands and headphone amps I'm reading about here on Head-Fi so please excuse my ignorance! I don't have an absolute need for the slimline form factor, but there are a few things...
  13. Professor00179

    Small, pretty good amp for less than £150

    Hi. I am upgrading my system and I need to get a new AMP. I currently own SR80i (though I will upgrade to HD650 as fast as I can:E) and I plan to use it with something of Audinst HUD-MX1 quality. I need as small AMP as I do not have much place for it. I would prefer something that I could easily...
  14. deadie


    Anyone heard of this amp? PRO-JECT HEAD BOX MK2 This thing's like, $99, on sale at Music Direct - so I figured, what the hell? And bought it. Along with my upcoming $135 AV123 X-Head, I'm plumbing the depths of budget amps! Review to come!
  15. Pro-Ject Audio HEAD BOX MK2

    Pro-Ject Audio HEAD BOX MK2

    The Pro-Ject Head Box Mk2 is Pro-Ject's latest assault on getting audiophile toys into every home in America! At this price there's now no excuse not to have a headphone amp in your home! Featuring RCA inputs and outputs, plenty of gain to drive almost any set of headphones, a very low signal to...