price drop
  1. TronII

    "Diminishing Returns" and the Price-to-Performance Ratio of High-End Gear

    A Youtube channel called "Tek Syndicate" made a video back in 2014 debunking audio myths and mentioned amps and headphones in the second part; they said that the point of diminishing returns for an amp is $300 and for headphones that it is $500. However, this was 5 years ago, and both amps and...
  2. customNuts

    NEW OPPO HA-1 Black Mint AUS -OK SERIOUSLY FINAL PRICE DROP + free pp & post

    OK - SERIOUSLY FINAL PRICE DROP $360 - $1350 to now AUD $990 + I will cover AUS post (and its heavy!) + I will cover all pp fees. I need so someone will do very well. Don't forget this is has an independent fully balanced hi-end class A amp as well. SUIT NEW BUYER THIS GETTING A BIT CRAZY...
  3. Giupy

    [SOLD] Audio Technica ATH-A1000X

    Selling my Audio Technica ATH-A1000X. Disclaimer: They only have one mark on the right cup, it can be seen in pictures. Other than that they look and function perfectly. They are very comfortable, especially if you have a big head or big ears. Payment via Paypal or on pickup in...