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    AmericaHiFi - New In Stock - Titan Audio Power Cables and Power Blocks

    Hello Head-Fi Members! May 25th 2021: New in stock this week, our full range of Titan Audio Power Cables and Power Blocks. Power Cables: - Starting with the Nyx Power Cable (6 AMP) priced at $179, and the Nyx Signature (15 AMP, high current) for $299 - The mid-range series is the Helios (20...
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    Cable Issues

    Hi everyone, I have an issue on buying the right cable for my amplifier. I bought the stax SRM-353X amp to pair with my Stax headphones. Unfortunatly the amp came with a broken power cord. They send me a new one but it is stuck somewhere in customs. I am fairly new to Hi-Fi audio/cables so its...