power cables
  1. AmericaHiFi

    AmericaHiFi - New In Stock - Titan Audio Power Cables and Power Blocks

    Hello Head-Fi Members! May 25th 2021: New in stock this week, our full range of Titan Audio Power Cables and Power Blocks. Power Cables: - Starting with the Nyx Power Cable (6 AMP) priced at $179, and the Nyx Signature (15 AMP, high current) for $299 - The mid-range series is the Helios (20...
  2. AmericaHiFi

    AmericaHifi - Giveaway - Titan Audio Power Cables

    Please sign up - however our Store is closed until June 21st, 2021... Titan Audio Power Cables and Power Blocks – TITAN GIVEAWAY NEXT DRAWING DATE IS: JULY 31st, 2021 We have been looking for high quality, handmade power cables and mains power conditioners (mains power blocks). We are pleased...
  3. oneguy

    FS: DIY Power Cables (Updated 10 May)

    I am selling some of my power cables that I have created over the last year or so to test different theories. More cords will become available as I replace the rest of the DIY cords in my stable. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Insurance beyond the standard $50 for USPS priority...
  4. Cartma

    FS: Grover Huffman 6ft ZX

    I have 3 of these. All shipping and fees included in price. The price is in US dollars but shipping from Canada. I am willing to ship as gift, so you won't be dinged with tax's and duties.
  5. compuryan

    Blue Jeans cables

    All in excellent condition, some unused. Shipping included to the US via USPS. Additional shipping for Canada/International. Feel free to make reasonable offers on multiple items. 8’ Blue Jeans 4S11 speaker cable pair, spades on one end, bare wire on other. $40 One 5’ Blue Jeans 4S11...
  6. gregeas

    Lots of power cables

    I had no idea I had so many extra power cables and would like to sell some asap. Feel free to make *reasonable offers* for package deals. Cables will be shipped via tracked USPS for $10 flat on top of the asking price. * SignalCable Silver Resolution Reference power cable @ 48": $125 *...