portable music player
  1. Apos Audio

    The FiiO M15s Portable Hi-Res Lossless Music Player Now Available on Apos

    Hi all, Here's another exciting launch from FiiO we'd like to share with the community. The powerful FiiO M15s is a high-end portable music player designed to provide outstanding audio quality and a host of cutting-edge features. This remarkable device combines the performance of a desktop...
  2. HIDIZS AP80 DAP Player

    HIDIZS AP80 DAP Player

    LISTEN WITH CLARITY Crystal-Clear Sound Engineered to provide outstanding Hi-Res audio performance and to capture the depth and breadth of each note, the AP80 features an Ess flagship ES9218P DAC chip, delivers an SNR of up to 126dB and THD+N down to -113dB for you to experience the subtleties...
  3. audionewbi

    Cayin new flagship DAP to be shown in Munich 2018: Cayin N8

    To be updated regularly. NOTE PLEASE GO TO THIS THREAD, THIS THREAD WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED OFFICIAL THREAD: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/cayin-n8-a-keynote-of-our-25th-anniversary.879025/ Please note I dont work for Cayin, have no relationship with them, I have no insider information...
  4. Faintandfuzzy

    New member...and a question re portable audio storage

    Greetings all. I'm a music lover from the west coast of Canada. Love all formats be they analog or digital. I do have a question relating to portable audio. I do a lot of photographic work, and sometimes I like to have my old iPod Classic 160 with me with Jazz CDs I've converted to full rez...
  5. shenanbay

    DAP or a portable dac/amp ?

    So I got my first ciem.. the jhaudio 10x3pro and it sounds nothing like what I have ever had. I am using it with my Oneplus 3 right now. I would like to get something better to drive them. Is it better to buy a digital audio player or a dac/amp to use with my Oneplus 3 I have been checking the...
  6. Br777

    Portable DAP with best equalizer under $500?

    Title says it all. more specifically, a parametric type eq is ideal, like the rockbox equalizer is, which lets you enter gain, frequency and q or bandwidth settings. thanks!