1. Audiophilester

    What's The Best Portable Headphone Amp?????

    I am new to the portable headphone amp stuff, and I just bought like my 30 pair which are the Denon Ah-d1100 and I would like to know what would be the best PORTABLE HEADPHONE AMP FOR IT????? My price range is under $125. I was looking into the Nuforce Icon Mobile. because I trust that Brand...
  2. 2oldnslow

    Amplifier under around 500 GBP for newly converted Head-Fier

    Hi there my first post so please be gentle    I've recently moved into an apartment and had to make some serious compromises to the way I listen to music.  Headphones would seem to make sense so I'm about to treat myself to a head amp/headphone package.    Apart from ear-buds my only...
  3. SpudHarris

    Interest Check - Woo Audio 6 UK?

    I haven't listed this in the for sale section yet as I wanted to gauge interest first. I hope that's not against the rules it's just I haven't got around to taking any photos yet.   I have an absolutely mint WA6 which has been my home amp for probably the past 6-7 months. I bought it from...
  4. mangamonster

    The Official Fiio E9 Thread with Video Unbox-Review

      FiiO has provided me with a pre-production sample of their highly anticipated E9 Desktop Headphone Amplifier. I've made a part 1 review of the E9 unboxing which provides general info about the new product and a nice hands-on visual of what you can expect to buy when the E9 goes into...
  5. Ikelmonster


    Selling my one month old PA2v2. I really like the amp but I don't see myself using it anytime soon as I the only headphones I own at the moment are driven perfectly fine with my Macbook and iPhone. Amp is in "new" condition, probably used a total of 25 hours. I will include everything that came...
  6. TestSubject

    [Show Off] Your CMOY Amplifier

    I will start:   Dual 9 Volt Battery upgrade? Thanks Fred_fred2004 for his Stripboard Cmoy Tutorial: Link  
  7. Shubar

    Audeze LCD-2 and Cowon J3

    Hello,   I have been wanting to move from iems to full size cans for sometime and recently the Audeze LCD-2 has intrigued me with the rave reviews on Head-Fi. I am very new to the music equipment area (having only owned a couple of sony earbuds and a shure se535) and have previously just...
  8. kingvin60

    Hifiman He6 He500 question.

    Is a discounted He6 a good buy compared to the He500 regardles of the amping issues?
  9. mosshorn

    SFLO:2 from Clip+.....worth it?

    Hey all, the title pretty much describes the question. I currently have a Clip+, and will be getting a Fiio E11 soon. Should I save the money for some other upgrade (new cups for grados, recable, possible new headphones), or would be upgrade be worth it soundwise?
  10. teambayern

    Amp just about volume?

    I mainly listen to lossless music through my ipod or laptop connected to sr 60s or m50s.  I'm thinking of upgrading to the 225s.  I'm terrified of tinnitus, so I usually listen at half the volume or below and that's plenty for me.  Given that I don't need extra volume and i use low impedence...
  11. andyalfa

    iBasso T4

    Any ideas where I might be able to get one in the UK? The only place I've found that lists it is www.hifiheadphones.co.uk and they show it as "out of stock".   If not,could anyone recommend a similarly priced alternative?
  12. frosne

    ALO Rx Mk2 or RSA Shadow

    Hi, I'm wondering which of the two amps would pair well with a UM Mage IEM, I'm going to be using an iPod classic as a source.
  13. MetaLicca

    Looking to buy the Electric Avenues PA2V2

    I've been looking for a portable headphone amp for a little while, and I've come across the PA2V2. From what I've read, it's a great amp for a good price. My only issue is this though; at the moment I'm only using a pair of Sennheiser HD 428's, so will this amp give me any noticable increase in...
  14. iLoveMyuzik

    Do the Shure SRH750DJ Headphones need an amp?

    Hi, I will be getting SRH750's somewhere in September and I was wondering if an amp is necessary. What are the benefits of having an amp for these headphones and also, what are the advantages to having an amp at all? I'm new to all of this since I've never had headphones that cost more than...
  15. aohgweedo

    wich portable amp is good?

    Hi, ive got a old genaration ZUNE with a pair of iIPOD headphones . so i see there are portable amps for the headphones. Can anyone tell me wich is a good but not crazy expencive amp that sounds good. thanks in advance guys  
  16. Dukedudez

    Amp/Dac for Beginner?

    Hey guys, I'm very knew to this audiophile stuff and I have a few questions.  First of all, I currently own a set of Sennheiser HD280 Pros, I use mainly my Ipod Classic 80gb and my computer for listening to music, I use a M Audio Mobile Pre USB for sound on my computer (I don't know if it's a...