playlist help
  1. homesickmadmax

    (SOLUTION) Sony NW-A55 Playlist unchangeable

    Hello all, I have a question about the playlists on the Sony NW-A55. I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer. Do you know why the playlists are unchangeable? Those playlists were coming from my previous Hiby R3. I copied all of them and the copy were changeable after that. But I...
  2. S

    Shanling M3s - Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

    Hi everyone! I'm new to posting on the forum, so I hope this is the proper channel to include this! I'm having a major bluetooth connectivity issue with my new Shanling M3s: I can connect to my car's system, but once I turn the car off and later re-start it, the bluetooth goes into an endless...
  3. P

    First time DAP user: iRiver AK70

    I bought a new AK70 and I'm loving the sound quality. I understand you can drag and drop but I would really like to sync my files, especially my playlists. However when I do sync them using MediaMonkey the song files are fine but the playlists display "0 songs". Is there are special setting or...
  4. Asphodel

    Easily managing playlists/.pls, Astell & Kern Jr?

    Hello, again; I'd like to ask how to efficiently and easily manage playlists on the A&K Jr. I'm sure somebody out there knows of a program that efficiently synchs things up, and there's likely no better place to ask then here, so... Hopefully, this title'll be un-vague enough that future...