pioneer xdp-300r
  1. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Pioneer XDP-300R (B) [SOLD]

    I have a Pioneer XDP-300R (B) in excellent condition for sale or trade. It is an excellent transport or stand-alone DAP. The original packaging is missing the inner sleeve. The DAP has no issues with the sturdiness of the headphone Jacks. However, the battery life depletes quickly when Wifi is...
  2. Tex Irie


  3. ckdv77

    WTB Onkyo DP-X1 a or Pioneer XDP 300 R

    Looking for one of the above DAPS. Just starting to get in to higher end audio and thought one of the three above would be a good start. Looking to spend around 300 USD if possible.
  4. O

    Hiby R3, Pioneer XDP-300 or Cayin N5ii

    Hi guys, so new to the forum, however in need of a digital audio player, so here I am for advice. My proposal; Hiby R3: small, beautiful and a tiny marvel! Pioneer XDP-300: little big, ability to use android apps such as Spotify and not just tidal, dual DAC and Amp combo and a much higher...
  5. paul66

    SOLD : Pioneer XDP-300 R

    Selling my Pioneer XDP-300 R(B) (without the volume restriction) Not used very much, and always indoors with the included case. Item located in The Netherlands Asking SOLD, ex shipping and paypal fees with case:
  6. MarkGL

    Pioneer XDP-300R + 200GB & 128Gb Micro SD Cards + Protective Case

    I have a Pioneer XDP-300R together with two Micro SD Cards and official Pioneer protective case for sale. The XDP-300R is in superb condition with no noticeable scratches or marks and the SD cards are 200GB and 128GB respectively. Feel free to make a lower offer as long as it's reasonable.
  7. The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black

    The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black

    The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black Having owned this since late April, (thank you so much Pat for the opportunity to use and review this product!) I have had the pleasure of using this DAC with various home and portable audio products. Since there are so many reviews dealing with this...