1. tisumner

    Attention, those who own Pioneer Steez...please read and comment

    Hello all! I currently own these :   I really like the steez but would not mind going up a step or two, maybe up to $150- So, to those who have or have had Steez but upgraded...what did you upgrade to and why?
  2. fhyq21

    PIONEER headphones

    Hey everyone. I have doubts which PIONEER headphones would be best to buy. Im choosing from SE-MJ721, SE-MJ751 or SE-M390. The biggest question for me is it a huge difference in music quality between 721 and 751 and is it worth to pay prize differences. Also is it a huge difference bettween 390...
  3. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! Pioneer Se-Mj721 in White, Red, or Black

    With their matte headband and two-toned exterior, the SE-MJ721 over-ear headphones are designed to provide optimum performance with club beats. They deliver a balanced and powerful listening experience, no matter how hard and heavy the music. The SE-MJ721 incorporates large 40 mm drivers that...
  4. Arisbor

    Best headphones?

    Hello im new to the forum and i have  a urgent question, currently i have a pair of cheap se-mj721 and i am going to order some new over-ear headphones from ebay  , my music selection is pop (more exactly J-pop) and rock, my question is the sennheiser 650 a good option or what other one is...
  5. Intersect

    Pioneer SE-MJ751, SE-MJ721 or TrekStor Noontec Zoro

    Hallo everybody.   I am new here, and i´m from Germany.   I looking for a new iPhone4 headphones for on the way. After my old original iPhone headphone brokes.    The headphones have to be good for on the way, prefer detachable cable, sound/bass, design and under 100€/100$ :). Mostly...
  6. daniel521

    Are Pioneer headphones good?

    I haven't heard much about them, what can you tell me about them?
  7. smallrewards

    which headphones to buy in Japan, cool 10 for expert advice.

    So, I am in Japan, and on the plane ride over I decided I wanted to et some new headphones, but dont know anything about them,   a)tryin to keep it cheap...under 5,000 yen for sure, preferebly under 4,000.   b) I would prefer something that is cheaper here in Japan than America, just so I...
  8. izzie

    Headphones for Rock

    Hey guys im new here! I'm on a budget so I cant decide between the Sennheiser 218 hd, Sennheiser HD 201 or the Piooner SE-MJ721   What do you think?   My budget is 60€ (79$)
  9. hifushvu

    Good headphones for jpop/jrock under $200

    Hi, it's my first time joining here and a wannabe beginner audiophile! I'm still learning about the terms and all other technical stuff. I like listening mostly to jpop/jrock, progressive metal (dream theatre), and some occational jazz or blues. I'm looking for good cans under $200. The one's...
  10. Pioneer SE-MJ721I-K Steez Effects On Ear Stereo Headphones - Black

    Pioneer SE-MJ721I-K Steez Effects On Ear Stereo Headphones - Black

    From the makers of STEEZ, the first-ever line of audio systems geared toward dancers, comes a new family of headphones inspired by the emerging DJ and dance scene. With fresh new styles, unique beat-emphasized sound tuning, and exclusive features these STEEZ headphones transcend the limits of...