1. dcsquirrel

    Looking for headphones based on headphones I have tried and liked

    Ok I have listened to the sennheiser hd 428 and bose ae2 (The Over ear one) and I really liked the sound of these headphones. However both of them are over my budget around $50. The hd 428 are close but I am worried about the thin undetachable cable. Just as a comparison how do these two...
  2. Arcmage

    Pioneer SE MJ51 or Pioneer SE MJ151/ Cheap Headphone [For 80s music] recommendations needed.

    Really confused which one to buy.  Here are the specifications :  >Pioneer SE MJ51 :                                                             ·         Max input power:  1 000 mW                                                    ·         Frequency response: 8 Hz to 25 000Hz...
  3. Hol-L

    Pioneer SE-MJ31 / MJ51 / MJ71

      I want to buy Pioneer headphones for less than £100 so I came up with these three models: SE-MJ31; SE-MJ51; SE-MJ71 However I'm really confused as to what the differences are between them. On the website, the MJ31 and MJ51 have exactly the same specs but a different look and...
  4. white ice

    Sennheiser HD 201, 448 O.R Pioneer SE-MJ51?

    After hours of narrowing down some good headphones i came out with these three. Sennheiser HD201- Sennheiser...
  5. BennyBass

    Which of these closed portables?

    Hey everyone,   My brother and I are looking to buy a new pair of portables to go with our soon to own sansa clips. We both own Koss PortaPro's so we would like something closed and bit heavier in bass. The PortaPro's leak to much sound.   I've limited the selection to these so far:  ...
  6. shnitz

    Possible Deal Alert - Pioneer SE-MJ3 and SE-MJ5

    Pioneer SE-MJ5 for $55 (Also found on Beach Camera for this price, is $7 cheaper, etc)   SE-MJ3 for $35...
  7. JusticeForAll28

    Pioneer SE-MJ51

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has had an experience with these headphones?
  8. Alexander01

    Pioneer SE-MJ51 / Pioneer SE-MJ31

    Anyone here have one of those? Are they good with electronic music (Techno/Trance)? Do they have a good attack, strong sub-bass, and a wide/deep soundstage?
  9. Pioneer SE MJ51

    Pioneer SE MJ51

    Powerful bass sound. Low-rebound urethane foam pads. Simulated leather ear-pads. Foldable construction. Wide headband.