1. GoldenOne

    Streamer/DDC Showdown: Pi2AES vs Sotm SMS200 Ultra Neo

    TLDR: Pi2AES kicks some serious ass. Get a nice PSU So I've been working on my digital side of things for a little while now, and have as of late been exploring networked output options. I'd started with a raspberry pi, and after hearing the difference that made vs direct USB to my PC, but...
  2. GoldenOne

    What is the best method to get digital audio from your PC to your DAC

    So, I should shortly be receiving a Holo May dac, and i'm a bit confused about some of the things that people have said about it/the spring online. Typically, I'd just connect my DAC to my PC via a decent USB cable (Just a Supra one, not super cheap, but nothing snakeoil) A lot of people have...