phono pre-amplifier
  1. TronII

    MC vs MM Phono Cartridges

    I've been trying to decide between getting a phono preamp (so I can use MC cartridges with my turn table) and just getting a good MM cartridge. Are MC cartridges really that much better than a similarly priced MM cartridge to justify the cost of getting a phono preamp to be able to use them...
  2. J

    Headphone amplifier and DAC with phono stage/preamp for HD700s

    Hi all, Having browsed a few hifi stores and searched on the forums I have still not found the ultimate piece of kit for my situation. Budget - Sub £600. Genre - Alt, indie and classic rock. Location: UK. I have some Sennheiser HD700's which I listen to on my iMac with a 3.5--> 6.35mm adaptor...