1. llamaluv

    [FS] OnePlus 7 Pro Android Phone, Unlocked

    OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue 8 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage Near-mint condition. Bought new direct from OnePlus in May 2019. Contains original box, packaging, and all the original accessories. Will post pics if there are any serious inquiries. The going rate on Swappa for a device in this condition...
  2. Tweeters

    [WTS] ZTE Axon 7 mini (rooted & unlocked)

    SOLD for $55 shipped
  3. S


    Hello. I recently subscribed to Tidal HiFi(currently free trial) and I saw some songs actually are offered in their masters quality (MQA). However what do I need to hear the difference between normal high 320kbps quality and the master one? How do I actually enjoy the full quality? I currently...
  4. V

    Looking for DAP with unusual BT capabilities

    Hi everyone, Advice needed: I got frustrated by my current LG V30 + Fiio Q5 +AM3B combo but not sure if any of existing / upcoming DAPs/DACs are able to help. The thing is that I love listening to Tidal radio or offline playlists on the go / in the office but have a lot of incoming calls so...
  5. C

    Equalizer app from programming learner

    Dear all, I've recently written an equalizer app, which lets users tune their earphones with an image of frequency response curve. Since I'd never learnt app programming before and this is the first time I've ever written an app, I wonder if there's anyone who's interested in trying the app and...
  6. Tweeters

    LG V10 (SOLD)

    SOLD for $75 Here are pics: $75 price includes shipping and fees. In excellent condition and comes with Samsung charger. This is model H900. Let me know if you have any questions!
  7. AudioNoob

    To Mic or not to Mic: do you enjoy having a remote/mic on your earphones?

    Hello you all! I just had a discussion with one of the recently popular Japanese manufacturers about inline mics. Apparently their North America distributor thinks that nobody needs or uses mics/remotes because in their opinion people (in the US) just shout at their phones instead. This sounded...
  8. AudioNoob

    [FS][usa-nh] Xperia X Compact - Great gym/audio player with Reasonable DAC + USB-C Otg

    Hello All, Clearing house and could use the cash so selling this xperia x compact. It has a microsd slot and an easy swap sim tray if you want to just use it as a gym/audio phone. It has pretty good USB-C support and NFC for audio pairings so it makes a great alternative DAP. Sony has been...
  9. Zhanming057

    FS: Google Pixel 32gb black unlocked

    Google Pixel 32gb black, got this as a refurbished unit late last year for a backup phone with Project Fi, and only used it a couple times since. No need for it now that Fi supports non Google phones. Pretty good condition, no major scratches, will come with a case but no charger/cable. $125...
  10. M

    I need your guidance...

    Hi, My name is Gus I'm from Argentina and I'm thinking of buying some gear for my everyday music listening on my phone. I listen to Metal, through flac files or via Tidal. I own a Samsung S9 Plus I'm considering either the Fiio FH1 or the F9 Pro but since I don't have the chance to listen to...
  11. Tweeters

    LG V10 H900 (AT&T)

    Phone and screen are in excellent condition. Comes with charger and three phone cases, here are pics. Price is $90 which includes shipping and PayPal fees. Let me know if you have any questions!
  12. bluebair

    Best options for portable (easy/easier to drive) closed back headphones

    Hello everyone, excuse me if there is already a thread for this. I just wanted to compile a list of good options for easier to drive closed headphones. Can be on ear or over ear, can be any sound signature, and any price range, although I feel that there are lots of info for sub $200, so above...
  13. Schwibbles

    FS: Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128gb - Space Grey, Unlocked SIM

    I pre-ordered this phone 2 years ago, when it came out. I had it on Verizon but I have removed my sim card so you can put yours in. Checking the IMEI reveals that the SIM is unlocked. I always had a case on it; I never used it without one. The good: Everything works as intended. There's nothing...
  14. PotHolePortal

    Recommendation for buds

    Hi guys, On the scale.of basic, entry level, mid range, high range, and audiophile, is there a mid range headphone under 200 dollars that is 1. Waterproof. Id like to work out with them aswell as take them into the shower. 2. Wireless, They.need to be wirelessly connective to for...
  15. Tweeters

    FS: LG V10 w/2 cases and charger

    Here are pics: Price of $80 includes shipping and PayPal fees. This is the unlocked H910. A couple of cosmetic defects to note: there's a scratch on the left side of the screen that you can see in the 2nd picture. You can sometimes see it with the screen on if...
  16. S

    Class-A headphone amp useful with a phone?

    Hi all... I am just considering whether having a class-A headphone amp is really useful when used with a cellphone's headphone out.... while I am aware of the advantages of a Class-A headphone amp... would it matter if the cellphone's headphone output isnt class-A? I mean... lets say (for...
  17. Tweeters


  18. AndyT87

    FS:LG v30 (uk only) unlocked 64gb blue

    Phone for sale as per title. Looking for £550 ish. Uk buyers only. One minuscule little chip on top of phone (don't notice unless looking for it) otherwise immaculate, including screen. Will post pics if any interest. Been in case and screen protector since 2nd day of use. Excellent Quad DAC...
  19. JuSOCOM

    Qualcomm AQSTIC vs Dedicated DAC in mobile phone?

    Can Integrated DAC like Qualcomm AQSTIC will compensate Dedicated DAC in mobile phone?
  20. S

    In-earphone under 150$ ( bass oriented )

    I am looking for a earphone from 30-150$ . I can't listen to highs that are spiky and harsh . Just want a good earphone with lots of punchy bass( sub bass ) and excellent mids . Till now , I narrowed to sennhieser's momentum but looking for more choices.
  21. B

    How can i balance sound to be around 90% in left phone and 10% in right phone?

    Hello, this is rather complicated one. First things first, i use Tascam TH-02 with a soundcard. I'm mostly deaf on my right ear and i wanted to play with headphones over speakers for various reasons, but when playing 3D video games, i couldn't hear anything that was at 3 o'clock of my...
  22. HansPsy

    Any recommendation on HiFi Cellphone?

    I'd like to minimize my everyday-carry, play it all in one. Now I am into HiFi cellphones like MeizuPro5, LG V20, VivoXplay6. Not considering on phone functions, simply focusing on sound quality, which is the best???
  23. Iuke

    Would I need an Amp/ DAC

    Hi, I will buy a heaphone in the near futire either a Beyerdynamic 770pro 32 or a Marshall monitor but because sound quality is really important to me I have seen multiple comments and people advising audiophiles to consider buying and Amp-DAC combination. But since I am not sure I would need...
  24. W

    Using Schiit Fulla 2 with Samsung Galaxy S7 (NOT edge)

    Hi head-fi, I'm looking at buying my first DAC and have seen good reviews of the Fulla 2. I'm pretty much sold on it, apart from the fact that I need to know if my Galaxy S7 will be able to power it WITHOUT external power (ie, I connect only two cables to the full: data+power, and headphones)...