1. HolyCheese

    Sub 20$ (€15) headphones as a christmass gift

    Hi there,   It's been a very long time since I have been on this site. Mostly because I'm content with what I have and don't need anything new. But now I need your help again. I'm looking for good closed back full sized cans with a bit of emphasis on the bass for under 15 euros. The only...
  2. Aguz

    Problem with Philips SHP2000

    Hey guys, I've bought the Philips SHP2000 yesterday and I noticed they volume is very low. Why does that happen? Is there any solution? Please answer, thanks. ;)
  3. cpper

    Earphones advice

    Hello :) My old headphones broke :( so I decided to buy a new pair. Please let me know which one of these you think is the best,I can't decide which one to buy...   +  Pioneer SE-CL501 +  Philips SHE3000 +  Philips SHE2000 +  Sony MDR-EX10LP   Thanks in advance,have a nice day...
  4. yhancik

    Recommendations for a Philips SHP2000 replacement?

    Hi! I'm looking for a decent replacement for a pair of Philips SHP2000 headphones. They probably don't have The Best Sound Ever, but they were super-cheap and perfectly fine for me and my usage. Above all I found them very comfortable, even after several hours of use. I really enjoyed the soft...
  5. joscoe

    need help on headphone leakage! please!

    So i have bought some cheap headphones and they are not to bad but they leak soo much with my ipod. i prefer over ear headphones that completly cover your ear. i have seen a few. Its a decision between 2. phillips shp2000 and electrovision a084k. can you let me know which is best and if you have...
  6. sk3ptik


    Hello everyone, I've spented about a week of searching and reading, and I've already collected a lot of usefull information for a starter like me. But i really need a hand form some experienced peeps. This is going to be a step to High Quality Sound for me. I know I know, its just the...
  7. Angelopsaro

    Share your thoughts for my new budget Headphones!

    The most importand for me is a balance sound first, comfort should be decent and then comes built quality. I am almost sure i ll buy philips shp5400 since joker and many other head-fiers consider them decent budget headphones and have everything i ask. The only thing is that they arent closed...
  8. Filippo

    Help in buying under 100€

    Hi guys! First of all, I'm all new here. So i've been looking today for new headphones and stoped at skullcandys agent. Then i got on this forum i saw nothing nice about them... I have philips SPH 2000 for a long time, and very happy with those but it's time for a change so i need your help...
  9. ricardofcf

    Philips SHP2000 vs SHP2500?

    So, I've been reading about the Philips SHP2000 and the SHP2500 and have found mostly positive reviews on these, at least for the price. My question is: what are the main differences between the two (acoustically speaking)?   I known the SHP2000 has an open acoustic system while the other...
  10. Philips SHP 2000 - Headphones

    Philips SHP 2000 - Headphones