1. P

    Best Philips Earphone (except SHE9850)

    Anyone tried Philips earphones? Because it has many models. Is SHE9800 best model?
  2. Cleverar

    Philips She9800 Sound Leakage

    So I want to buy some new in-ear headphones for about 30-60€ and the Philips SHE9800 came to my mind. The only problem I have with them is that they supposedly leak sound, and being a social person and mainly using them for commuting that would be a no-go. So, how bad is the sound leakage?  ...
  3. ZetsuBozu0012

    [REVIEW] Philips SHE9800: Dynamic, or Dynamically Fun IEMs?

    Yes, I'm fairly sure that I could have come up with a better title :))   Anyway, this time around I'll be reviewing a relatively obscure pair of universal-fit IEMs, the Philips SHE9800. I've only had them for a few days at this point, but I've been running them into the ground, so they have...
  4. vegetaleb

    Philips SHE9800 vs SHE9620

    My RE2 are half dead now and I am searching for new earphones in the 48h coming, I would have buy from Hifiman again but I would wait a whole week because I am in Lebanon. I have found near my home Philips SHE9800 for 66$ and the SHE9620 for 42$, Senhheiser are overpriced with 90$ for the...
  5. Philips SHE9800 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics

    Philips SHE9800 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics

    Enjoy quality sound and a comfortable fit from Philips SHE9800 In-Ear Headphones. The 15-degree tilt acoustic design adjusts the angle of the speaker tube and ear bud to individual ear canal shapes. It creates a functional seal from ambient noise that enables you to listen to your music at a...