1. rhfactor1

    Deal Alert!!! Philips HP-910 and Alienware OZMA 5

    Just to let anyone who may be interested that has the Philips HP-910 on sale for $38.99 and the Alienware OZMA 5 (rebadged Ultrasone HFI-550) on sale for $35.99. Shipping for both or one of these is $2.95 for standard shipping in U.S.A. I received the Philips HP-910 about a week...
  2. gr8soundz

    Sony MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth headphones

    Didn't see any threads on these but wanted to get some more info if anyone has details to post.  ...
  3. Tommy2

    Philips Heaphones

    I have to admit to being a Philips fanboy. I just got the Fidelio X1 and am very impressed.   I have also got several pairs of HP890 had 1 pair of HP910's but they broke and also had HP1000 which also broke. Got the SHL9550 which is also a great headphone imo and the SHE9850 IEM is good too...
  4. DefectiveAudioComponent

    Sennheiser hd 414 (now with a review - HD414 vs HD580, HP910, Koss Porta Pro)

    I just recovered a pair of HD414 (the anniversary edition) that I gave to my brother some years ago. He said that they were broken but the only flaw I can find is the missing ear pads which are easy to replace and a loose cable that I had to attach. Does anybody else own a pair of HD414 and...
  5. killjoyxp

    My Philips HP910 are on their way out.   After many years of reliable use, my pair of discontinued Philips HP910 are finally getting raggedy and hard to repair.   Have any of you had any experience with these and perhaps found a suitable replacement?   I find it's...
  6. froasier

    Open phones under $100 to complement my closed Ultrasones?

    I've never tried a good pair of open phones, and since the weather is getting warmer and I'm not broke, it seems like a good time to do it I have the newer Ultrasone DJ1 (same as HFI-580, almost same as HFI-550/older DJ1), and I love the sound, except for me they have an unpleasant peak...
  7. barristan

    Philips HP910

    I have a near mint pair of Philips HP910 that I don't use. I mostly listen to music at work and these being "open" they tend to let all my co-workers hear Bjork as well. I have only used them a few times and I still have the box they came in. I use my JVC HA-RX900 instead. I am really...
  8. Philips SBC HP910

    Philips SBC HP910

    Philips DSC HP910 Headphones Super Comfortable Nice sound with tremendous highs Recommended for Gaming Consoles