1. Armaegis

    new Pioneer flagship? SE-MJ591

    Maybe I should put quotation marks around "flagship"...   This is about the most info I could find on it... Anyone else heard anything? Seems they retail at $350 (owch)   I'm kinda tempted to try (and add it to my...
  2. lumm

    Need advice before buying new pair of headphones

      Hi to all,   I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for this advice. Since I will be going to London this February I will be able to find good headphones very easy. I know few shops since I was there before.   I listen rock, metal, symphonic metal, power metal and play a...
  3. Philips HE591 Surround Sound Earbuds (Black)

    Philips HE591 Surround Sound Earbuds (Black)

    Enjoy virtual surround sound with these powerful little Philips Surround Sound Earbuds. The patented reflected-speaker design creates a virtual surround sound effect for an incredible listening experience. Features: 24K gold-plated plug; unique flexible molded-rubber carrying case; asymmetric...