1. NexusCrow

    Have an on-the-ear set, looking for a over-the-ear set

    Hiya. I'm a longtime lurker and music listening enthusiast - but I'll get right to the point.   I'm looking for a solid over-the-ear set of headphones I can wear for long periods of time while I'm writing. I have a four-year-old set of Sennheiser HD-1 IIs I love and use for everything...
  2. ruthieandjohn

    Which should I buy... AKG Q701 or Fidelio X1?

    I enjoy:   Broad sound stage (like my Sennheiser HD 598s); Impactful sub bass (like my Beats Pro and Sennheiser CX300II IEMs)); Sparkling trebles (like my Grado PS500s); Veil-free presence (again, like my Grado PS500s).   I am torn between what to me seem as good prices on both the:  ...
  3. maricius

    Which is considered a fun sounding headphone? HD650 vs Fidelio X1 vs AKG Annies

    I've been stalking the forum for a year now and I've finally decided to create an account. Right now I have a Sennheiser Momentum, a Centrance DACport LX, and a Fiio e11. For my end game, I'm planning to get one of the T50rp mods, either LFF's Paradox (Slant), Dan's MrSpeakers Alpha Dog with a...
  4. Beef Anus

    Driving the Philips Fidelio X1?

    I know that these are only 30 ohms and don't need much juice at all, but these will be my first quality pair of headphones (never will i use $10 buds again) and I want to have the best experience possible (without going into tube amps) and it is also really important to me that I will be able to...
  5. Trunks159

    Why is the Fidelio X1 so cheap (around $220?)?

    The X1 was released not so long ago at a price of $400. It's now very close to $200. Why? Is Philips preparing to replace it, or is Phillips just that nice. The L2 shouldn't be replacing it.
  6. aman7205

    Fidelio X1 Question

    I'm thinking about ordering the Fidelio X1. I will mainly be using it for watching movies on MacBook and listening to music on iphone. My question is that I don't want to use any type of AMP, will these headphone be fine without an amp or is an AMP pretty much necessary to have good sound? ----...
  7. TitaniteXtreme

    Struggling between Philips Fidelio X1 and AKG K712 Pro. Any Ideas?

    I am not an Audiophile, but I am serious about my music, I hope I can own a good headphones to enjoy music. I love bass, currently I am choosing between Fidelio X1 and K712 Pro, which is within my budget. Any advices will be very welcome~~
  8. Vosk

    Soundcard or DAC/AMP for my new Philips Fidelio X1?

    Hey, i just got the new X1 and they are amazing, but i still use my onboard sound, therefore i really need a good source for my headphones. What do you prefer for me?   My music-genre: Pop-Rock/Indie Pop/Indie Rock/Dubstep/RnB.   My budget: 120€(If needed 180€)   162$/243$   Thanks a lot!
  9. Aotz

    Choosing the right virtual surround

    So I need some help... I have a MSi G45 Gaming mobo which has the ALC 1150 chip with a OPA1652 amp and the Sound Blaster Cinema software. When I play games it really doesn't sound that different when I have it on compared to off. I'm wondering if I should buy a sound card that will have better...
  10. fjosh

    Philips X1 vs Polk Audio RTA-12B

    This review is just for fun.     Pictures are taken with the s***y camera on my phone.  My apologies.   Both the speakers and headphones are playing simultaneously which gave me the ability to directly compare.  Switching back and forth took less then a second.  As fast as you can put on the...
  11. Ogeid

    Help choosing pc audio card under 70$ and question about DAC

    Hi everybody, actually I'm using on my PC a Supreme FX X-Fi audio card (which came together with my PC's mainboard) and I link my 2.1 digital system (Empire PS2120D) to the PC using an optical fibre cable.   The audio quality is already good, but I would like to ask you if upgrading to a...
  12. Kamakahah

    Tour Cable Sign Ups for Philips Fidelio X1

    Purpose: I made two cables to send out as tour cables for folks that would like to try one before they buy one. See if it matter's to you or if it's just hype/expectation bias.  There are two cables ~1.2 meters using Neutrik connectors. One is oxygen-free copper (OFC) and the other is...
  13. GyroD

    Fidelio x1 + Xonar U7 for movies and gaming, thoughts and guidance appreciated.

    Hi all   I about to purchase the Philips Fidelio X1, with this I am planning on purchasing the Xonar U7.  This will cost me £260 (original budget on new headset £200).  I will be using this for gaming, watching films and music.   Before I hit the "Buy now" button I thought I would ask some...
  14. WiZLV

    Philips Fidelio X1 vs Denon D600 (headphones for metal)

    What will be best for metal? Or recommend other if there is a better in this price range
  15. Phestezeo

    Philips Fidelio X1 assistance and experience discussion

    Hello all, So I am planning on getting my self a pair of Philips Fidelio X1's for use on my computer, however, I was wondering if I could get a few things cleared up beforehand. I have, briefly, heard them and loved the sound so I figured it's high time I got myself a pair but I have some...
  16. TheNephilim

    [Recommendations] 80-100 dollar headphones and Philips Fidelio X1/00

    My sister asked me to look around for some headphones for like 60 euro's, like 80-100 dollars I think. We're from the Netherlands, so not all headphones will be available here, but I would like some recommendations.   I found the AKG K540 in that price range and it looks rather comfortable...
  17. funkydandy

    Amp for Philips Fidelio X1?

    Hi.   The question is easy: what amp should I use to connect Fidelio X1?   Thanks for your recommendations.
  18. Anouk

    audio technica ad2000x vs philips x1

    Hello, Ok, I  was wondering if anyone has heard both the philips x1 and the audio technica ad2000x and could compare them? I know the sound is probbably totally different but i was wondeirng how these compare in soundstage and midrange quality? I have the x1 now and am wondering if i should get...
  19. RebornYew

    (Follow-up) Philips FIdelio X1s & Sound Blaster Z

    Hey guys, me again. I posted around a week ago about getting a proper sound card for the Fidelio X1s, and I ended up getting the Sound Blaster Z. Now, this may be a noob question, but how can I tell if I'm getting the full potential from the headphones and the sound card? I mean, right now...
  20. TheTenant

    Introduction/first post and opinions on K550/HP200/Fidelio X1/HD650 for classical

    Hello everyone,   I have been visiting the site for some time now and I thought that it only makes sense for me to register. So, this is me introducing myself.   I am currently in Cyprus but me and my wife will be moving back to London next month and therefore I will not be able to listen to...
  21. Meh

    Philips Fidelio X1 cable

    Hey guys, I'm waiting for my X1's to come in the mail, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good replacement cables that ship to Canada for a reasonable price? I just want something black if possible, with no obvious branding or logos on it.
  22. RebornYew

    Sound Card for the Philips Fidelio X1

    Hey guys, I've been lurking the past few days and decided to make an account. This is such an awesome site and has really opened my eyes about sound quality. I apologize in advance if this has been asked before, but I did search before deciding to post. My findings weren't very successful...
  23. Trojan Horse

    Philips Fidelio X1 sound total crap?

    Hi,   I recently got my Philips Fidelio X1's and I'll be honest with you. Until I put everything on; this was insanely amazing... then I listened to it. It sounds EXTREMELY dull, flat and lifeless. It's even worse when playing quiet volumes.. It's so bad compared to my gamecoms which sound...
  24. mrodav

    Philips X1, Amp Suggestions plus Suitability for UNI room and gaming (sound leakage)

    I have been looking for a pair of all round headphones for a while now (70% music, 15% movies , 15% gaming), and these seem to fit the bill really well, and I love the design. I mostly listed to drum and bass, electronic and a bit of rock from time to time.   Now comes the potential problem...
  25. Padawan38

    Looking for in-ear with same sound as Philips X1

    Hello I love Philips X1 and I'd like to find out in-ears with same sound. FYI I bought Yamaha EPH-100 thinking the sound would be same sound as for Philips but I'm very disapointed with them. Does this exists ? Do you have any advice ? FYI my budget is around 150Euros. Thank you very much Rgds