1. DAPpower

    ( WTS ) Empire Ears Phantom UIEM + EA Ares II 8 braid upgrade cable

    Selling my Empire Ears Phantom Universals with both Effect Audio Ares II 8 wire upgrade cable as well as the original Ares II 4 wire cable. The Phantoms have a very organic timbre and have a very balanced neutral tuning that sound really smooth and full. Very good UIEMS that are quite popular ...
  2. KC-130

    [SOLD]: Empire Ears Phantom Universal w/Ares II 4.4mm

    **SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD** In Excellent Condition with Ares II 1/4" Balanced cable. Includes: - EE Universal - All Original Packaging - Original Accessories - Ares II 4.4mm TRRS - CONUS Shipping & PayPal Fee
  3. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Custom Phantom + Ares II Bespoke 4.4mm SOld

    Hi I am selling my beloved custom empire ears phantoms with my ares II 8wires cable. The cable is terminated to 4.4mm balanced sony pentacon with carbon fiber plug. Reason of sell, with all my audiophile pathe I acquired newer higher end gear. My hearing has reached a new lvl of evolution in...
  4. davidmolliere

    [SOLD] Custom Empire Ears Phantom + Ares II 2.5 - 450€

    Up for sell are my Phantom CIEM, in mint condition and for I believe a good price. Reshell is quoted at 200$ at Naga Audio or Ambient. Accepting PayPal for payment, PayPal friends or additional 4% to the listed price. Shipping fees will be calculated based on destination, I only use express...
  5. alavenue

    Empire Ears Phantom equipment recommendations

    I am fairly new to IEM's and after doing a lot of research I decided to upgrade my Sennheiser ie800s and purchased Empire Ears Phantom. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these or similar iem and could recommend a cable and dac that pairs well with them. My goal is to find something...
  6. KC-130

    [SOLD]: Please close

    In Excellent Condition with Ares II 1/4" Balanced cable. Includes: - EE Universal - All Original Packaging - Original Accessories - Ares II w/4.4mm TRRS - CONUS Shipping & PayPal Fee I will consider international shipping if requested in your initial PM.
  7. davidmolliere

    [CLOSED] Custom Empire Ears Phantom

    Sale is off.
  8. KuroKitsu

    (SOLD) [FS] Empire Ears Phantom (Universal)

    Up for sale this time are my universal Phantoms. I've owned it for about 3 months and I'm selling it to help pay for Khan. Like new, comes with set of Final Audio tips. Unfortunately the stock case and packaging were used to ship my Zeus, so this will come in a Pelian 1010 case. As I no longer...
  9. DrumSeb

    Effect Audio 8 wires Leo+Thor

    SOLD !!!!!!! PRICE DROP !! Effect Audio cable special edition, 4 wires Leonidas+ 4 wires Thor Silver cable, total of 8 wires.. Beautiful piece of cable.... The cable is 4.4mm 2pins, and come with moon-audio Silver adapter to 4.4mm female to 3.5mm male. Im the second owner for about a...
  10. agrosash

    [SOLD] [FS] [EU] Devialet Phantom Elevate Speaker 1200 watts, original packaging, 1 year guarantee. Save 340€

    ** Updated Price: 1150 shipped to EU countries. Save 340€ vs. retail ** I have recently gotten a pair of Gold Devialet Phantoms, so I'm now selling my 1200 watts Phantom "Elevate" speaker with a year remaining on Devialet's guarantee. The unit is in mint condition, "like new", and will be sent...
  11. SLC1966

    FS: IEM Purge: EarSonics S-EM6 V2 (price drop), EE Phantom (phantom is sold), Solar (sold)

    Time to purge. Empire Ears Phantom PRICE DROP from $1450 to $1375 *SOLD* Short story: Universal version. Received new from EE 2 weeks ago. Comes with stock Ares II Cable 3.5 straight termination and all tips which are unused. 2 hours of use. Mint condition. Long story: 5 months ago, I...
  12. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Empire Ear Phantom IEMs

    Purchased from a fellow head-fier who original bought them new from Empire Ears in February 2018. IEMs are in good condition and sound great! Edit: Clarification to highlight there is no cable included with this sale just the IEMs, some tips, a case, a pouch and a cleaning tool.
  13. Sound~Patriot

    [SOLD] Empire Ears Phantom (universal) - MINT !

    SOLD !
  14. Vingard

    FSOT: Empire Ears Phantom

    SOLD are my EE Phantom IEMs. They are in excellent condition and function perfectly. Includes Ares II 2.5mm TRRS cable. Asking $1,500 including shipping and PP. Would consider trades for 64 Audio or Empire Ears (Bravado or Vantage) universal IEMs, or high-end IEM cable. Will ship to...
  15. Karendar

    [SOLD] Trinity Audio Phantom Master 6 Gunmetal

    Hello, I'm selling a set of Trinity Audio Phantom Master 6 Gunmetal color. New in box, was used for audio comparison only, so item is in perfect condition. Comes with all accessories: 3 cables (3.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS, 2.5mm), all filters intact. Selling price: 200 USD + shipping for them to...
  16. soundstige

    FS: Trinity Atlas and Trinity Phantom Sabre Tuneable IEMs, both nearly new in Box

    I have for sale two awesome Trinity Audio Engineering IEMs, the Atlas and Phantom Sabre. The Atlas is a water-resistant dual-driver hybrid metal-body design IEM, and the Phantom Sabre is a dual-driver dynamic metal-body design IEM. Both have a tuneable filter system to widely change the sound...