1. gelocks

    Perfect Sound M100's On-Ear, "removable drivers" headphones...

    Hello.   Just thought I'd post about these new Perfect Sound headphones since there seems to be NO information anywhere about them (at least not to us 'few' English-speaking/reading people ;)   Personally I've been a fan of their Over-ear Dido D901s for a while (have a review on my profile)...
  2. gelocks

    Perfect Sound Dido D901 Mini-Tour | reviews, discussion, impressions, musings, etc.

    Hello.   It has come to my attention that this "basshead" headphone does not seem to be getting much love in the community so decided to take a chance and organize a U.S. tour for them. I figured the lack of impressions might be due to: looks/style, skepticism regarding sound, build...
  3. warrenpchi

    REVIEW: Perfect Sound d901 dido . . . Calling All Bassheads, your unicorn awaits!

        Friday, November 22nd, 2013   by Warren Chi & Michael Mercer     Introduction   You've probably never heard of Perfect Sound. Don't worry, you're not out-of-the-loop. While they are already well-known in Asia - particularly in Taiwan where they hail from - they have yet to launch...
  4. Perfect Sound d901b

    Perfect Sound d901b

    Closed Headphone, made in taiwan.