peachtree dac itx
  1. ezkcdude

    What would you improve here?

    Current system: Source -> Amazon Echo Link DAC -> Peachtree DAC iTx Amp -> JDS Labs O2 Headphones -> Sennheiser HD650 What would be the biggest bang for the buck upgrades here (excluding the Echo Link which I just bought and need for convenience in my setup)?
  2. P

    Can I upgrade my DAC first, or should I also do the hp amp?

    Hi everyone, I'd like to upgrade my first audiophile setup. Currently I have: PC with FLAC files => Peachtree DAC iTx => Burson Audio Soloist SL2 => HiFiMan HE-560 => My head (My headphones are not balanced.) I want to replace my DAC with either the Benchmark DAC 3L ($1900) or the Schiit...