1. N

    Grado SR80e Power Handling

    Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me with my question. I have a USB powered DAC with a built-in amplifier - model Signstek HIFI USB. This DAC has a PCM2704 chip (great sound BTW!) and according to its datasheet, the output power is 12mW with 32ohm load - also 1.8Vpp with 10k load. I'm assuming...
  2. AriGibson

    Portable-ish DAC Under $50? Under $30 Preferred

    Hey everyone! So I have the Samson Z35 which go for around $65. I kind of want to try getting a DAC for it, but I just wanted to run it by a few experts before choosing. I'm thinking my cans aren't good enough to benefit from a DAC anyway, but I don't really know. Currently, they plug right...