1. O

    What equipment, parts and info do I need to make my own IEM and headphone cables?

    I find virtually all the cables on my headphones too long as I often use portable DACs on my shirt lapels, top pockets and at my desk. I now have to make cables which whose maximum length is around my sternum, and I need them for MMCX, 0.78mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm and what nots. Proprietary cables...
  2. jolness

    HeadAmp Pico+DAC Replacement Parts

    Does anyone have experience getting replacement shells from HeadAmp, my silver Pico was badly scratched when I bought it so I thought I could do a Faux brushed look like I had done on iPods in the past. I had some stuff happen in my personal life and moved as well. I have everything except the...
  3. monterto

    [WTB] Parts for J3/ Cowon J3 for parts

    Looking to buy any cowon J3 for the parts to repair my own. I would also buy a replacement power switch on its own since that is the part I need. Please PM me with any offers! Thanks!
  4. drewfus420

    (WTB) Sony MRD 7506 yoke

    I have run out of spare parts for my beloved 20+ year old MDR-7506's. Had 3 working pairs a year ago, lent a pair of them to my teen, and after a dozen careless breakages, they once again broke the final set of spare bits I have. What I need is the receiving side of the bit that clamps on to...
  5. kid vic

    AKG K400 (parts only) PRICE DROP

    AKG K400 Blown drivers, otherwise great physical condition. Bought from french ebay without properly reading the description. Ideal for someone with a K4/5 series headphone in need of a new body or a project where the drivers are ready and just need housings. Price may include shipping, PM...
  6. takato14

    [FS] HiFiMAN HE-6 (6 screw) -- ONE WORKING DRIVER ONLY

    So, I wasn't sure where to put this because there's no "parts" section for the trading section. I went for a $400 HE-6 with one working driver and attempted to fix it. I did manage to get the broken driver working again, but had to disassemble it due to an error on reassembly and when I went to...
  7. Zhanming057

    PC part sale: RTX 2080, Samsung 970 pro, i9-7980xe

    I bought parts for a PC build that I never circled around to and I figure I should cut losses and put some stuff up for sale. All parts are NIB, unopened unless mentioned otherwise. Prices include Paypal and US shipping. Please PM me for questions. Happy to talk about bundle pricing for anything...
  8. pr0ggy

    [SOLD]: Dekoni Blue (T50 Mod) [READ DESCRIPTION]

    Original owner, had listed and sold these about a month and a half ago. Buyer claimed a low-freq rattle on one side. I never heard rattle, but I offered money back and the Blue's were returned to me. Decided I would go ahead and list them for sale again as I believe someone with proficiency...
  9. TronII

    Status Audio CB-1 drivers

    What's the model name for the drivers on the Status Audio CB-1? I may buy them for a future build.
  10. A

    HD700 Spare Parts

    Hello everyone, I'm really sorry for this request, but looks like I'm out of options. I broke pad support (small metallic earhook with 3 holes) on left side of phones, and can't find where I can get replacement for it online. I'm far away from official stores and Sennheiser not replying for my...
  11. wormsdriver

    Grado leather headband!

    I'm selling a leather headband for Grado style cans. This came off my PS1000 and I don't need it anymore. Price is $25 and includes Conus shipping and PayPal fees.
  12. caspur

    WTB: Grado/Alessandro Anything (Modded, Parts, Drivers)

    Hey there! :) Appreciate you checking out my looking for classified. I am an aspiring modder, and trying to acquire and expand my slowly growing Grado/Alessandro collections. If you have any items matching the list below, broken or otherwise, please msg me. I am looking to acquire a lot of...
  13. kswo

    Repair Questions: JVC HA-SZ2000 & HA-SZ1000.

    Emergency! My JVC HA-SZ2000s had the right channel go out a month ago. No visible damage to cable as far as I can tell. I was wondering if anyone had the PCB pin outs that handle the L&R channel wiring harness, or repair resources for this model? I can post pictures of the PCB and wiring if...
  14. Mobat

    Sold! Please close

    This was my favorite pair of headphones until my rabbit got loose and cut the cable off with her teeth. I don't have the money, materials or the desire to recable it myself so I figure someone who wants a DIY project could do it themselves. I gave the pads and case to me brother for his K240's...
  15. Mobat

    Sold! Please close

    One of the earcups felt loose so i opened it in an attempt to tighten it. I screwed up and disconnected the soldered wires from the board. A small piece of the board flaked off too when this happened. Im not sure if that ruined the side or not but i was informed it would cost $50 to $100 to...
  16. Ace of Tunes

    Help with fixing up Sennheiser HD 429 - Adding jack

    Hello, I am looking for some advice. The cable on these headphones is tiny and frankly proved to be flimsy. My friend already did some repairs on the cable once. I want to instead place a jack on the headphones. I was thinking something like a Mini XLR or a 3.5 mm connector that way I can just...
  17. AT Khan

    Fostex TH-500RP - Stock Metal Ear Cups Only (WTB)

    Does anyone have or know about the possibility of grabbing a pair of those Fostex Metal Mesh Earcups from somewhere? Or someone selling for repair or something? I tried Foster/Fostex directly. No luck.