1. S

    Neophyte with IEM cable woes (and some DIY questions)

    Welcome to my inaugural post. I've been lurking this board for a while and I really dig the vibes! I've been enjoying my first pair of IEM's for a little under a year now, but I've gone through a succession of crummy cables. I started with a generic one off of eBay, and I've moved up to one's...
  2. O

    What equipment, parts and info do I need to make my own IEM and headphone cables?

    I find virtually all the cables on my headphones too long as I often use portable DACs on my shirt lapels, top pockets and at my desk. I now have to make cables which whose maximum length is around my sternum, and I need them for MMCX, 0.78mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm and what nots. Proprietary cables...
  3. jolness

    HeadAmp Pico+DAC Replacement Parts

    Does anyone have experience getting replacement shells from HeadAmp, my silver Pico was badly scratched when I bought it so I thought I could do a Faux brushed look like I had done on iPods in the past. I had some stuff happen in my personal life and moved as well. I have everything except the...
  4. TronII

    Status Audio CB-1 drivers

    What's the model name for the drivers on the Status Audio CB-1? I may buy them for a future build.
  5. A

    HD700 Spare Parts

    Hello everyone, I'm really sorry for this request, but looks like I'm out of options. I broke pad support (small metallic earhook with 3 holes) on left side of phones, and can't find where I can get replacement for it online. I'm far away from official stores and Sennheiser not replying for my...
  6. kswo

    Repair Questions: JVC HA-SZ2000 & HA-SZ1000.

    Emergency! My JVC HA-SZ2000s had the right channel go out a month ago. No visible damage to cable as far as I can tell. I was wondering if anyone had the PCB pin outs that handle the L&R channel wiring harness, or repair resources for this model? I can post pictures of the PCB and wiring if...
  7. Ace of Tunes

    Help with fixing up Sennheiser HD 429 - Adding jack

    Hello, I am looking for some advice. The cable on these headphones is tiny and frankly proved to be flimsy. My friend already did some repairs on the cable once. I want to instead place a jack on the headphones. I was thinking something like a Mini XLR or a 3.5 mm connector that way I can just...