paradox slant
  1. Phantaminum

    SOLD: Starving student LFF Paradox Slants

    Selling a pair of starving student LFF paradox slants. These have the side connection to 6.3mm SE connection. Looking for $300 shipped. Not looking for trades.
  2. Rish732

    SOLD SOLD FS: LFF Paradox Slant with Litz cable

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Luis, if you see this, I’m sorry. I love these but circumstances dictate that I sell a lot of my audio gear. These are end game closed back cans. Luis is a master and I’ve never heard closer backs that are this good and I’ve heard dozens. The soundstage, the separation...
  3. imo_ct

    [FS] Multiple Headphones - HD800S, HD650, Paradox Slant

    I'm moving and need to downsize! 1. HD800S Cork Trapezoid and Rugliner (Includes stock SE and Bal Cables plus 4ft LQi Sony4.4mm Cable) [Boxed, one cosmetic blemish on box and on headphone grill) USD 825 Shipped EMS 2. LFF Paradox Slant and 2 week old Alpha Pads (Mint, no box but have...