1. Rish732

    SOLD SOLD FS: LFF Paradox Slant with Litz cable

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Luis, if you see this, I’m sorry. I love these but circumstances dictate that I sell a lot of my audio gear. These are end game closed back cans. Luis is a master and I’ve never heard closer backs that are this good and I’ve heard dozens. The soundstage, the separation...
  2. AlterAnthony

    [SOLD] LFF (Enigmatic Audio) Paradox

    I'm looking to sell my Enigmatic Audio (aka LFF) Paradox headphones. Bought in March 2016 from @nicolasmasset (original For Sale thread), I've babied the headphones and they are in mint condition. The Paradox is a T50RP mod, with a balanced sound and excellent tonality. I consider them to be...
  3. FlySweep

    The T50RP Paradox | reviews, discussion, & mini-tour impressions (index in second post)

    UPDATE - AUGUST, 2013   The CONUS tour is finished.  I anticipate organizing another tour after I spend some time with my Paradox.  I appreciate everyone's participation and impressions.  While the tour is over, I would love to keep the discussion going here.  I will keep the index updated...
  4. Paradox Headphones by LFF

    Paradox Headphones by LFF

    Paradox Headphones by LFF available through LFF or