1. A

    Replacement pad for DT 990 Pro 250Ohm

    I used my DT990 pro for over two years. I use them daily while gaming and currently working. I often wear them for multiple hours at a time. Thanks to corona currently over 10 hours a day. After that long the stock pads are done. I want to replace the pads and now i stand before the problem...
  2. pauldgroot

    [WTB] Hifiman Focuspad-A

    Looking to buy a set in new or like new condition shipped to the Netherlands. PM me an offer with shipping included. Thanks.
  3. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio: HiFiman Pads

    Dekoni is pleased to announce custom-made upgrade pads for HiFiman! These were designed for the round-earcup designed models like the popular HE-400i and new Susvara, and represent a noticeable upgrade in comfort and sound as well as our full range of Elite pad materials to suit your tastes...
  4. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni HD 800 Pads on SALE!

    "... I'm really pulled into the performance - making it easy for me to forget I'm wearing a headphone." Thanks for the flattering words Hi-Fi Choice magazine!" We actually have all the Sennheiser HD 800 Pads available at a sale price right now, on Massdrop, starting at $44.99! Sign up today...
  5. Cloudtastrophe

    SOLD *LIKE NEW* Audio Technica M50x Dekoni Pads

    Zero Hours on these pads. I got them to put them on my M70x because i thought they would fit but they.. dont. Just trying to get my money back. I no longer have the box for for these, but i will place them into a different box for shipment. Perfect Condition! Protein Leather and Memory Foam...
  6. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio Sennheiser HD600 Pad Frequency Analysis

    Ok, here it is. The long-awaited Frequency Comparison charts for the Dekoni Audio HD600 Ear pads. Careful analysis and hours of listening go into our ear pads and we stand by our models as the best of the best as far as replacement ear pads go. I’m going to just jump right into it. I will...
  7. luckybaer

    Beyerdynamic DT-880/250 ohm Pad Replacement

    I've had my DT-880 for quite some time and today was the first time I've replaced the pads. I purchased the genuine article from Beyerdynamic [via Amazon], and noticed that the sponge filter included with the new pads was different from the sponge filter of the original pads. The original was...
  8. Amouage

    Audeze LCD-2.2 (Pre-Fazor) with Vegan Pads

    Looking to sell my LCD 2's with Vegan Pads, they sound incredible, probably my ideal sound signature and as close to endgame as I might ever get. However, the way things currently are I can't afford to keep them. Pictures: I would also like to mention that the...
  9. ImOverEar

    AKG K812 Upgrades

    After numerous searches not really getting anywhere I thought I would start a thread and ask a few questions. I am currently choosing between 3 of the Forza cables for the AKG K812 headphones and wondering if anyone has any comments on the differences between the Forza Noir HPC Mk2, Claire...
  10. 4

    [WTB] Audeze Vegan Leather Pads

    Would like to purchase some Audeze Vegan Leather Pads. Can also purchase Microsuede ones, if in black. PM me for further discussion on the matter, if you're interested in selling.