1. luisdent

    Ostry kc06 mint

    Mint condition ostry kc06. Barely even used. All original accessories, tips, and box. Great sounding set for the price. Asking $20. buyer pays shipping.
  2. fbny71

    IEMs two pairs - Ostry KC09 & Massdrop/NuForce EDC

    The Ostry KC09 were used for a short time, though none of the ear tips were (I used aftermarket foam tips). They are a single driver model with a great sound and they're quite comfortable. Polished chrome and leather construction with removable cable. I just ended up liking a different model...
  3. PaganDL

    Ostry KC09 Slightly Used

    Anyone interested in a slightly used Ostry KC09? Due to my specific ear anatomy and specific earphone design, I am unable to enjoy the KC09 I purchased recently. Has only been used to test sound & fit which is how I know it doesn't fit my specific ear anatomy. Comes in original box & with...
  4. cleg

    Ostry KC09

    I'm not sure why Ostry's IEMs remain almost unknown on Head-Fi, but on Russian and Ukrainian market Ostry KC06A became a real huge hit. They offered indeed good design and pretty balanced sound for that money. Now Ostry are back with higher end KC09 model, it's priced about $200, but it looks...
  5. luisdent

    Ostry KC06 for sale

    Full package with all accessories, very very lightly used. I pretty much only listen to my etymotic earphones now, so these just sit in the box. Figure it's time to sell some of my 'phones. These are the silver-ish bronze version. All the eartips are practically unused, as I normally used bi...