1. Earl of Bouillon

    (WTB) ZMF Ori (Found)

    Greetings! Looking for a ZMF Ori. PM me if you've got one and are willing to sell/trade.
  2. shuto77

    WTB: ZMF headphones under $1000

    Hi, I'm looking to try out some ZMF headphones under $1,000. If you have one to sell, please provide some details (condition, accessories, type of wood, how long you've owned it, etc.) and a couple pictures. I've previously owned the Blackwood and the Ori and thought they were great. I...
  3. Preachy1

    ***Sold*** ZMF Ori - Cherry

  4. italiandoc1

    ZMF Classic (single-ended) with Dekoni Sheepskin pads

    Hey All, If you are unfamiliar, these are ZMFs take on the t50. They are in great cosmetic and functional condition, just don't get used enough. They are the single-ended version and come with Dekoni Sheepskin - these pads run about $70 new and are incredibly comfortable. Asking $220 with...
  5. TommyFro


    Sounds just as good as it looks. I'm the third owner and they are in great condition. Comes with an aftermarket Lohb strap, which looks stupid but is extremely comfortable. Original Ori earpads, owners card, and case included. Only includes a 10' I believe OFC cable terminated in a black Eidolic...
  6. TommyFro

    Schiit Sys, ZMF Ori Suede, Sennheiser XLR to 1/4"

    Selling a few things I no longer use. Schiit SYS:$35 shipped Original packaging, top is a bit lose but everything works as it should. Just do not need it anymore Pics available on request, will be away for a few days starting tomorrow so they can be shipped out on Monday.
  7. FireLion

    SOLD - WTS -ZMF Ori Cherry

    I would like to sell my ZMF Ori Cherry, it sounds fantastic but I am in the mood for a change. Rare headphone as most owners tend to keep. Some tuning foam in bag. Price includes fees and shipping anywhere in the US. The extras are subject to change over the next few days. ZMF Ori Cherry ZMF...
  8. L

    ZMF Ori, Burma Paduak, Mint Condition, Aesthetically & Sonically Outstanding

    The Ori's are Burma Paduak, with copper sliders, around 2 years old but in superb condition. Picture below is current. Comes with seahorse case, never used set of spare pads and original ZMF cable also never used.. I love the hell out of these but bought a ZMF Auteur that get's most of the...
  9. sysfail

    (SOLD) WTS/FS: Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 w/ Stock + ZMF Ori Pads

    The headphones are in excellent condition with a couple slight blemishes as shown in a couple of the photos. Not obvious unless you look for it. The pads, leather, cable, etc. are all in perfect condition. It has been spending most of its time on a headphone stand in a closed cabinet since I...
  10. caenlenfromOCN

    SOLD [FS] [USA] ZMF Ori Purplehearts mint condition with hard case SOLD

    included in sale: ZMF Ori Purpleheart, tested by Zach less than 3 weeks ago and you can confirm from him. I just bought these, not really my sound signature, best soundstage/imaging i have ever heard, but i prefer insane levels of bass and sub bass. 1x ZMF standard 3.5mm cable 1x ZMF standard...
  11. FireLion

    ZMF questions on Ori, Eikon, Atticus, Blackwood, Vibro.

    Hi All I am considering getting an Ori as I love T50RP based headphones. I would like to know from someone if you have listened to an Ori, Eikon and Atticus and how they compared? How does the Ori compare to Alpha Primes.? I am also interested in knowing how the Blackwood and Vibro are...
  12. junki

    SOLD: ZMF Ori Perforated Pads

    Less than 10 min of total use. Like new condition. >>>>>> Picture <<<<<< $45 shipped.
  13. AlterAnthony

    [SOLD] ZMF Ori (Omni) Black Limba

    I'm looking to sell my ZMF Headphones Ori in Black Limba wood. Bought in March 2016 directly from Zach, the headphones have been taken very good care of and are in excellent condition. I will include the following: ZMF Ori in Black Limba with Pilot Pad 5.5 ft 1/4" stock ZMF cable Three pairs...
  14. mysticstryk

    FS: ZMF Ori (mint condition / free shipping) - $499 **SOLD**

    **SOLD** ZMF Ori for sale. 7 months old. Mint condition. Smoke free home. Comes with: -ZMF Ori (Zebrawood with midnight blue sliders) -ZMF Ori pads -Leather comfort strap -Single ended stock cable Price: $499 with free shipping anywhere in CONUS. Payment via PayPal gift or you cover the fees...
  15. JoeDoe


    Selling my gorgeous pair of Ori's in the limited run Zebrawood with midnight blue sliders. What you get: Ori Headphones with Ori pads Custom SPOCC braided cable from Impact Audio (matched to sliders!) Seahorse Case Lohb Suspension Strap Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  16. Rexr3

    *SOLD* *THIRD PRICE DROP* ZMF - ORI Cocobolo with a SPOCC cable from Dyson Audio

    SOLD ! More full sized pictures can be found here ! - http://imgur.com/a/28Vqp **New pictures Purchased from JoeDoe on Jan 1, 2017 Original post - https://www.head-fi.org/f/threads/zmf-ori-limited-edition-cocobolo-with-upgrades.829339/ These have seen minimal use over the...
  17. bentwookiee

    Selling ZMF Ori in Blackwood or Fostex TH900 - Sold

    Sold. Please close post.