1. AdamWill

    [SOLD] theBit Opus #1s (color "Lapis Blue")

    I bought this a month or so back when I decided to buy a portable source in kind of a hurry...then after doing some more research, thought a DX200 might be a better choice for me. I bought a DX200, it's great for me, so I don't really need this any more, but it's too late to return it. My loss...
  2. parabellum777

    [SOLD] OPUS#1S Brown Leather Case

    OPUS#1S Hi-Res Portable Digital Audio Player Leather Case Color: brown/dark red Condition: New in box Price: 40€ + shipping Pics: by For more info: https://shop.musicteck.com/collections/opus/products/opus-1s-leather-case?variant=600981667854