opus #3
  1. asegier

    AK300 or Opus #3? (Alternatively AK70 Mk II, and Mk I or Opus #1?)

    Dear All, I am relatively new to DAPs and currently use a AK Jr. But I find the interface to be really slow and the unit freezes on me from time to time being really unreliable. As I've never had another DAP before, and I was thinking of upgrading, looking locally there are 3 units secondhand...
  2. yong_shun

    Empire Ears Legend X

    Have some good time with this beast and I am thinking to write an impression for it. Any comparisons or pair-ups recommended? https://www.facebook.com/theaudiolocheese/photos/a.2018359518403649/2146308875608712/?type=3&theater
  3. yong_shun

    Cable Upgrade

    I am currently using Opus #3 with my Campfire Nova. I find the DAP pairs well with my IEM but I wish to improve the treble extension a little bit while conserving the rich mid and low. I narrowed down my choices of cable to hybrid cable (Copper and Silver). Is it worth to spend few hundred on...