opus 1
  1. Airsculpture

    FS : Opus #1 Metal Premium Edition

    Comes boxed with leather case and remainder of 6 months warranty. A little weightier and solid feel than the #1 or #1s with different Op Amps apparently. Screen protectors front and back been in place since opening the box. Been running two 400GB SD cards without issue. Great sounding DAP...
  2. okan

    SOLD OPUS 1 /w Dignis Case (Canada)

    I am selling Opus 1 in mint condition. There is no scratch or dent. There is screen protector on both sides. It will come with original box, accessories and Dignis leather case. I am in Montreal. I can ship anywhere. SOLD
  3. Denio

    The Bit Opus #1 (Mint w/box+leather case)

    Up for sale is an Opus 1 which I bought directly from Korea, with a leather case. Unfortunately I don't have time to use it anymore so I decided to sell it. It comes with all it's original packaging and papers, along with an original leather case and a 32Gb Class10 MicroSD card for free. It has...
  4. wantmyf1

    For Sale: The Bit Opus 1

    Hi Everyone, I have several Daps but have decided to cull the herd and only keep two. I have decided to keep my AK380 and AK 120. So have decided to sell my The Bit Opus 1. Information for the Opus 1 can be found here: http://www.audio-opus.com/?page_id=15881 Asking price is $300 CAD +...
  5. M

    Opus 1 volume won't work

    I suddenly can't change the volume on my Opus 1 DAP, using the screen or the buttons. I can switch to line in, which changes it to full volume, but other than that, the volume is always set on 79. I've RTFM and messed with all the settings and am about ready to send it back. Any ideas?