1. NXEars Opera

    NXEars Opera

    Proprietary measurements and modellings were utilized to allow us to simulate a desirable frequency response and maintain an easy to drive impedance of 18-Ohm on the 3-way 8-driver network. Every Opera ships with 8-strand mono-crystal 6N copper MMCX cable. Opera will reveal every detail in your...
  2. AspettiSignore

    Need IEM recommendations for operatic vocal tracks

    New to headfi and would love some recommendations. I don’t really have a price range so suggesting endgame IEMs is also welcomed. What I’m looking for is something that’s suited for operatic vocals, mainly the baritone and tenor voices. I had a a pair of SE535 and the vocal was quite intimate...
  3. R

    Headphones for heavy metal music

    Hi, I am searching for an upgrade to my Hd650+apogee groove combo. I hear a lot of music, mostly heavy metal (meshuggah, gojira, etc ) and in second place classical music (a lot of piano and opera). I find the 650s to be too veiled and smooth with some recordings (referring to the velocity of...
  4. H

    DAC and amp in the mail but I got no headphones!

    Hi Guys, I have a Modi 2 and Vali 2 in the mail, lucky me! Even though I love quality music so much, I don't know how/why I endured listening through built-in soundcards and phones for so long... I am listening mostly to: 80% Opera 10% Piano solos 10% Vocal Jazz (Sinatra, NKC...) My budget is...