open back headphones
  1. MoonAudio

    Meze Audio Empyrean Headphones

    $2,999.00 Shop Now The First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone A blend of premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship and detailing that’s unmistakably Meze, Empyrean is one of the most technologically innovative planar magnetic headphones in the world. A TIMELESS STATEMENT OF HI-FI...
  2. B

    open back headphones for 200$

    hi , I'm new here and I want to get to upgrade to better headphones , currently I'm undecided between the hifiman he4xx , sennheiser hd6xx and the beyerdynamic dt990 pro , I'm currently not planning on purchasing an amp , I'm a heavy user , mainly watching very HQ media on my phone and laptop...
  3. Jsingh4

    Headphones to feel and enjoy music with wide Soundstage

    Hi guys would like to buy a headphone with wide Soundstage, clarity, smoothness, instrument isolation but at the same time good bass not booming or over powering or too much just deep enough to enjoy music, I really prefer a natural sound. I like Trap and dubstep, as well as classical and metal...
  4. MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open

    MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open

    MrSpeakers in-house designed headphone, AEON packs all the technology of ETHER Flow headphones into a compact, comfortable and cost-effective design, delivering the best of ETHER Flow sound quality at a dramatically more affordable price point. FEATURES All-new planar magnetic driver with our...
  5. E

    Need help in understanding and choosing the right headphone

    Hello! I am planning on getting a new headphone, but have a few concerns. Which headphone would be the best for mainly gaming and some movie/music(I mainly listen to pop and soul music) for highest quality/clarity for a newbie like myself in audio world? And as far as i understood it is not...
  6. C

    Open Back Headphones

    Im looking to get some Open back headphones. What are some good ones to get under $50
  7. Hogcryat

    Open-back headphones and amp recommendations?

    Hi guys. I currently own a TEAC UD-301 DAC and HD598, would like to upgrade. I am relatively aware of Sennheiser headphones, having tried HD600, HD650, and HD660S so far, it seems that HD600 would suit my taste the best. Nevertheless, I would like to hear from you guys if there are any other...
  8. T

    Looking For Open-Back Headphones Under $500 USD

    Hello. I am looking for a pair of open back headphones under $500. I would use them primarily for listening to electronic music (most sub-genres, i.e. future bass, electro) and would also use them for gaming. I already have Solid State amp. Thank you.
  9. S

    HD 598 or Meze 99 Neo?

    Hi everyone, So I've been wanting to buy a pair of full-size over-ear headphones for a while, because right now I own the 1More Triple Driver IEM's, and though they're great, I've come to the conclusion I just don't like IEM's. I was looking at the Sennheiser HD 598 since right now they're on...
  10. Ansehelm

    A Recommendation on Open-back Cans up to USD 300

    Good day and Merry Xmas everyone. Am currently looking for an open back cans that are within USD 300. A few notes here: Currently I am using AKG K553 and Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro with JDS Labs O2 + ODac. I love the sound and soundstage of AKG K553 very much. Most of the time I'm listening to...
  11. J

    Help me choose the right headphones

    Hello everyone For some days, I've been thinking about buying headphones. I know that gaming headsets are just pure commercial and that normal high-end headphones are actually better in terms of audio quality. A mic is not needed, I already own one. My first choice is the dt 990 25 ohms...
  12. Z

    New and looking for advice!

    Hi guys! I'm pretty new ish to the audio scene in general ^^ SO what brought me here? I'm upgrading my setup. Current audio setup: "soundcard": MoBo audio card (;-:wink: headset: Steelseeries Elite Prism Speakers: Bose Companion III I'd like to improve my general experience when playing games...
  13. PacoTaco

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    Looks like Zach is at it again. He's coming out with a new headphone with preorders starting in November. He's some impressions I've read already "Yesterday, I got to meet Zach at the Chicago head-fi meet. He brought his entire collection including 2 versions (different pads) of his new...
  14. Sennheiser

    Meet the Sennheiser HD 660 S

    Sennheiser has launched a new open dynamic headphone for the passionate audiophile – the HD 660 S. The new model builds on the legacy of the HD 650, surpassing the exceptional performance of its predecessor with a new and improved transducer design that delivers lower harmonic distortion for an...
  15. Giraku

    New Ultrasone Edition 15

    I found this image on Fujiyama-Avic special website for Headphone Festival Fall 2017. Is anyone know the details of these cans?
  16. K

    Audio setup with essence STX II - need some suggestions

    Hey so I've recently signed up for head-fi and loving it here so far! I just need some help since I'm new to audio compared to most of you, right now I am using ATH-R70x open back headphones (great by the way) with the essence STX II I am wondering on whats some good competitive settings with...