1. Teaster

    FS Noble encore and WAGNUS Omni

    I am selling noble encore and Omni together. This is a perfect combo. The cable and the earphone are all in the great condition. The price is 1600 dollars including shipping and pp fee.
  2. Preachy1

    ***Sold*** ZMF Ori - Cherry

  3. TommyFro


    Sounds just as good as it looks. I'm the third owner and they are in great condition. Comes with an aftermarket Lohb strap, which looks stupid but is extremely comfortable. Original Ori earpads, owners card, and case included. Only includes a 10' I believe OFC cable terminated in a black Eidolic...
  4. cleandean

    FS: ZMF Omni Ori B-Stock in Cherry

    Selling these amazing ZMF Omni (Ori) Cherry headphones. I purchased them directly from ZMF Headphones. They were purchased as b-stock. They have a slight wood inclusion that you can see in the photo. Otherwise they are immaculate. Non-smoker, no pets, and I shower every day. Asking $625 +...
  5. AlterAnthony

    [SOLD] ZMF Ori (Omni) Black Limba

    I'm looking to sell my ZMF Headphones Ori in Black Limba wood. Bought in March 2016 directly from Zach, the headphones have been taken very good care of and are in excellent condition. I will include the following: ZMF Ori in Black Limba with Pilot Pad 5.5 ft 1/4" stock ZMF cable Three pairs...
  6. Rexr3

    *SOLD* *THIRD PRICE DROP* ZMF - ORI Cocobolo with a SPOCC cable from Dyson Audio

    SOLD ! More full sized pictures can be found here ! - **New pictures Purchased from JoeDoe on Jan 1, 2017 Original post - These have seen minimal use over the...
  7. bentwookiee

    Selling ZMF Ori in Blackwood or Fostex TH900 - Sold

    Sold. Please close post.