1. serbach

    Help for the Olympus LS-11

    Dear Group,   First, my apologies for asking this question in a gear forum.  I'm trying to find information and I figured that maybe you guys could help me out.   Do any of you know of any forums like Head-Fi that deal with how to get the most out of digital recording equipment?  I...
  2. moro

    Olympus LS-11 playback SQ ?????

    hi, everyone I'm very interested in the playback SQ of ls-11, cause I'm (hopefully) going to use it as a player . I'd be very grateful if anybody told something about it's SQ and also the volume it could deliver through headphone out. With all it's pro's (8gb+32gb sdhc, good micro...
  3. Olympus Linear Recorder (LS-11)

    Olympus Linear Recorder (LS-11)

    A Compact, Lightweight Powerhouse of Audio Recording. Drawing on 40 years of experience, Olympus has put a feature-packed audio studio in one 5-ounce PCM recorder. The LS-11, with two high-sensitivity microphones and 8 GB of internal memory, is the star of the show when it comes to capturing and...