1. Effect Audio X HiFiGo Griffin

    Effect Audio X HiFiGo Griffin

    Inspired by the mythical creature of flight and strength, Griffin embodies the essence of its namesake, elevating your audio experience to new heights. Griffin is custom created using a new Silver-plated Copper material that ensures the utmost accuracy in bass and treble reproduction, capturing...
  2. J

    12tc 8tc 4tc occ cable xangsane preffair jinbao china

    Does anybody use 12tc or 8tc xangsane occ . Has black and white conductors not the see through cables which sellers many are selling similar looking to kimber cables. Also need help with branded occ or unbranded occ which is better Could only find 3 brands making this occ 12tc 8tc & 4tc cable...
  3. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU Q-Lock PLUS Quick-Switch Modular Plug Cables - Discussion Thread

    This is a dedicated discussion/information thread for DUNU's modular plug earphone cables, which as of September 2021, is referred to as Q-Lock PLUS. Because we have an entire portfolio of new cables that spans the whole gamut of price ranges with differing materials and setups, we were...
  4. Eletech Prudence

    Eletech Prudence

    ‘Prudence’ is designed with a completely fresh philosophy and offers excellent ergonomics, an energetic performance without sacrificing details and accuracy. It's unique geometry combined with a Type 4-Litz set up enables the Silver Plated Copper to smooths treble extensions while having a...
  5. Eletech Plato

    Eletech Plato

    'Plato" is realization of Eletech’s quest for the ultimate purity and extremities of a single material - Silver. Utilizing an unique Eletech maximus efficiency strand geometry with "Plato" catalyst in monocrystal bespoke Silver, the efficiency, speed, accuracy and resolution is unsurpassed...
  6. MTroy

    Xiao Cables

    Anyone tried their cables ? I'm looking for a D20 RCA: https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/32964578543.html But they can't tell me clearly if it's Litz geometry... and copper purity. Also, they revealed to me it's a 3.0mm wire, but unable to give me the thickness of sheath. Look at the copper...
  7. Han Sound Audio Redcore OCC silver + OCC copper cable

    Han Sound Audio Redcore OCC silver + OCC copper cable

    The Redcore is a cable that is designed and made exclusively for Singapore and only available through Music Sanctuary. With a combination of OCC silver and OCC copper wiring, with double insulation of TPE and TPEE, providing a unique shielding effect of the wiring. The wires are then twisted by...
  8. FrequeAudio

    Best 3.5mm converter

    Hello all, I would like to get input/help on purchasing a 3.5mm converter. I just picked up the Sennheiser HD 800s and I have both XLR 4-pin cable and 6.3mm cable. Which would provide the best quality? A XLR to 3.5mm or 6.3mm to 3.5mm? So far, I have only found that the XLR converter is more...