1. Darth Plagueis the Wise

    [FS] Selling headphones and (probably) an amp

    I will be selling some audio stuff once I can post on corresponding forums. Message me if you want it now. Prices TBD, shipping negotiable depending on mood after the first mid-term. Trade welcome, but prefer US$. For now, here's a teaser: Monolith M560, no mods, I'll leave in something from...
  2. Bipolarsmile


    Hey guys, I currently have the JDS O2+ODAC combo. I thought of getting the Element II as an upgrade. i was wondering how much of an upgrade would that even be? Would appreciate your opinions.
  3. B

    Amp/DAC with AKG K702 (K5 pro? o2+odac? other?)

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a DAC/Amp for my new AKG K702 (105dB SPL/V, 62Ohms). My budget is around 150€. For this price, I have found 2 candidates: JDS Labs O2+ODAC and Fiio K5 Pro. Which one does seem better? Do you have other candidates? FYI, I will listen to music from my computer...
  4. phantomflame

    Amp + DAC to match AKG k702 headphones

    So I got myself a pair of akg k702's and I'm looking for an amp/dac - either a combo unit or seperates to match it. These headphones sound amazing as they are but I want them to sound as best as they can! Out of the box they felt a bit tinny but after a day or 2 they either got better, or maybe...
  5. A

    how loud should my hd650 be able to reach

    hi guys i i own the hd650 and have it connected JDS LAB the element dac/amp and was wondering if anyone had the chance to measure the decibels when its on max volume high gain. even if some of you measured it on a schiit stack or o2/odac i would like to know
  6. A

    Buying a new headset (Sennheiser HD650) (JDS lab the element)

    Hello, first off i just want to say that this is a pretty long post so i apologize in advance i can only post here at the moment as I am new here. don't get me wrong, i am not at the slightest an audiophile but I've done some reading and i am planning to order the Sennheiser HD650 found it for...