1. pursuant

    PK3 IEMs

    I use PK3 and have had good luck with them. The price is right but they won't stay in my ears. I am looking for an IEm with similar sound qualities. I have a high frequency hearing loss so something that will compensate for this is a necessity , crisp, and clear. Bass not a big deal for me. I...
  2. jasonl

    NuForce Redefines Affordable High-Quality Earbuds with NE-600X ($24.95) and NE-770X ($49)

    We just release two new earphones that will surprise you with the sound quality. Giant killer? Try it for yourself.   NE-770X ($49) uses the same driver as NE-700X without the titanium coating. It is easier to drive for mobile audio devices and if you are not using a headphone amp (such as...
  3. boost3d

    Thoughts on the new NuForce NE-600X?   I know these are the new models (released in January). Haven't seen much about them on these forums. They are very affordable at the $24.95 price.   Anyone try them, how...
  4. Armaegis

    [Review/Comparison] Nuforce IEMs: NE-600X, NE-700X, NE-770X

    [Review/Comparison] Nuforce IEMs: NE-600X, NE-700X, NE-770X       *pics in second post*     Packaging/Accessories   600X: Comes in a hard slim plastic box (reuseable but not really useful for portability), and 1 pair each of S/M/L rubber tips. No carrying case, which is a bit...
  5. FlipBack

    Sennheiser CX200

    Saw these on sale at Newegg for $15 and am wondering how they sound?  I'm currently using a pair of Nu-Force NE-600X that I got for $25.
  6. mark2410

    Nuforce NE-600X Review

    Nuforce NE-600X Review   Thanks to Nuforce for the sample       First Impressions:  Hmm, compared to their siblings I have here (the NE-770X) these ones have had a mishap with the ugly stick.  Not that I really think looks matter, you can’t see them when you’re using them so what...
  7. kharken

    Less than $150 Best USB DAC?

    I need a usb dac for my PC and to be used together with NuForce NE-600X IEM. I currently do not have an amp so I guess the setup will be: PC>DAC>IEM   also planning on using it with my phone (but I guess connectors can do that)    hifimediy/stoner acoustics?
  8. keanex

    [Review] NuForce NE-600X

      Pros: Sturdy build quality Cons: Boomy bass, lack of accessories Sources Home: Musicbee WASAPI out->iBasso D4->JDS Labs O2 On-the-Go: iPod Classic 160gb Packaging The NuForce NE-600X are NuForce’s entry level IEMs and the packaging shows. The NE-600X arrived in a clear...
  9. brendan127

    I Found My Lost Headphones!

    Okay guys, it's been a while since I've posted, and my last post was about my V-Moda Crossfade LP's.. This time I've just found my NuForce NE600-X's! Picked them up and started listening to them again and wow! I love these things just as much as my V-Moda's if not more. Listening to Ellie...
  10. NuForce NE600X Black In-ear Headphones

    NuForce NE600X Black In-ear Headphones

    The NuForce NE-600X Earphones' unique, high-efficiency design delivers excellent bass, a harmonically correct tonality, a deeply layered soundstage and superb acoustic isolation.