1. glicioto

    new comer, small experience, big questions

    Hello to everybody,    I am Italian and since 10 yrs I am quite enthusiatic about hifi. I also did some DIY (two speker pairs and a two power amps). I got a child since few months and I started thinking that in the future I would need some headphones for music listening without bothering to...
  2. spenny91

    Looking for a good pair of headphones ( over ear) for outside use !

    Hey my name is Spencer Gorman I am looking for a good pair of headphones around 200-500$ I bought a pair of sennheiser hd 558s I absolutely love them. I have a hearing loss in my right ear and I just got a hearing aid so I cant use my earbuds anymore. As much as I would love to use the...
  3. JamesM

    Metallic theme California Headphones, any opinions?

    finally, i got to see Tyll for real at CES 2012.       It is my frist time to encounter a set of headphones with entire metalic ear cups. i wonder how well it performs. any reviews on this yet or in line with such genre?? 
  4. Plexon

    NuForce HP-800?

    Heyo everyone.   I have the chance to get the Nuforce HP-800 and a Nuforce UDac3 for free.   If you look at my account, you will see that I have been looking at these 3 headphones for a while.   AKG 550   ATH-A900X   DT 770   I will be using these headphones for gaming/mumble...
  5. OrganMonster

    Quest for the best Headphones – Review from RMAF CanJam

    A fresh new look from a non-audiophile. My quest at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014 was simple, find the best sounding headphones. I have a small amount of experience in the new audio equipment. What I bring to the table in this forum is my music experience. I compose symphonies, conduct...
  6. Samurai Boy

    LG Tone Ultra (HBS-800) Bluetooth Stereo Headset

    I didn't find a thread for this headset, so I created one for general discussion.   Golden Ears Pictures: Golden Ears Measurements: It looks very interesting.
  7. iadam

    Best Headphones Under 200?

    Hello. I am wanting a great pair of over the ear headphones specifically for music but I will use for gaming/movies. Some noise isolation would be awesome. Thing is I'd like to not spend more than 200 (I'm only 17 with no job lol). Thanks!
  8. daniel0407

    Asynchronous USB Audio Driver

    Hi all,   I have a problem, well.. I had a problem that has been solved, but the solution probably is not optimal, and therefore I would ask you.   My DAC is a Lindemann USB DAC 24/192. The driver for the dac is simply bad. I do not know if it is bad becouse has not been optimize for my...
  9. Virtax

    200$ Gaming and Music headphones

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a good headphones for music (Dubstep, Electro etc..) and for gaming (CoD, BF, MMO games etc..), I do not need an microphone.   Currently I have the SteelSeries Siberia V2 hooked up to my Asus Xonar DG, When I will buy the new headphones I will buy the Asus Xonar...
  10. DaveMustaine

    Somewhat amazing headphones for $200 for a headphone noob

    I have been searching through threads and through review sites for several hours and find myself going in circles on what headphones I should be looking at buying. I have never spent more than $20 on a pair of headphones before and I am willing to put down $100-$300 for a nice pair. I have been...
  11. gelocks

    NuForce HP-800 ???

    Hello.   Did a quick search and didn't see anything regarding this offering from NuForce!   Will they be as bright as their amps? Will they be neutral-ish?   I'm slightly interested... (still use...
  12. Armaegis

    [review] NuForce HP-800: "Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round!"

    Nuforce HP-800   Spec table from     Packaging   The box for these headphones is really quite pretty. And big. Slide off the outer box and you'll find... another box! Open that one up and you'll find your headphones inside tied down to a plasticky shell. Underneath...
  13. BillsonChang007

    Nuforce New Release: HP-800

    I just saw this on Twitter XD & since I feel any winds blowing around here so I had decided to post[Sorry if there is already one] :)   So here it is, the first over-ear studio monitoring from Nuforce(from what I had seen) & it market as low as around $150!       ...
  14. deeo

    XB500/700 ALTERNATIVE ?

    I decided to get Sony XB500 headphones after doing some research , but i found that they are sold out EVERYWHERE in my country (Czech Republic)..Same with the xb700...Can anyone please recommend me some other good headphones with a good amount of bass for rap / hip hop in this price range ? 
  15. seqasim

    DT770's clamped too hard. Alternatives?

    I loved the sound of my DT770s. I didn't love the clamping force - with my glasses, I was getting headaches every time I wore the DTs for more than an hour. What are some good alternatives with a similar sound?   Looking for: - Circumaural, closed/semi-closed (These are my portable...
  16. amadnei

    200$ headphone, any suggestion ?

    hello im looking for headset around 200$ to listen to music and play game.I listen mostly to rap ( without looking for realling heavy bass ) and sometime rock/ dubstep. I will use my asus xonar stx card and my tf300t tablet. I found the ultrasone proline 550 for 135$ ( 168$ getting it ship to...
  17. Luv My BASS 1

    Headphones with THE biggest bass

    I am looking for some headphones that have utterly enormous bass, that is fast, deep and BIG. However, if there is anything that I hate more than a headphone with insufficient bass, it is a headphone that muddies up the other frequencies with the bass. I will be driving these through an iPhone 5...
  18. Heitek

    Best Headphones For Dubstep and Trap : Under $165

    Hai 'phoners!   I am currently looking for a new set of headphones under $165 that are decent for Dubstep and Trap, and if possible Electronic in general. I want them to have a clear and crisp, yet punchy bass. I want them to have a feel to the *wub* and *erwe* you get in Dubstep. I also...
  19. Nuforce HP-800

    Nuforce HP-800

    Full sized headphones with detachable cable