1. Armaegis

    [Review] Nuforce HA-200 - affordable class-A monoblocks

    What is it?   A thing that makes the music louder Class A, single ended, BUT two units may be configured as monoblocks for balanced operation Constant-Current Output       So why monoblocks? Is it for the cool factor? The increased power? For the reduced crosstalk? The separate power...
  2. Anouk

    nuforce dac-9 dac 9 new high-end all-in-one solution

    Hi, I just found out about this dac on the nuforce site here: And since I could not any info about it on head-fi I thought i would post about it here. Not in the computer subforum because it can also be used with a lot of other sources...
  3. Tassie Devil

    Review of the NuForce DAC-9 - coupled to Sennheiser HD800 headphones

    I've summarised the 60+ year journey to arrive at this DAC so its appraisal can be put into context.  If you want the review itself, then skip the preamble. The Early Road to High Quality Analog Love of recorded music started way back in the attic where, as a pre teen youngster I played...
  4. Tassie Devil

    NuForce DAC9

    NOW SOLD       Since purchasing the M2Tech Vaughan this mint condition NuForce DAC9            is surplus to needs.  It could be used in another system but should be put to better use so is offered FS.  I'll ship anywhere although the exercise would obviously be less expensive...
  5. shkorc

    Nuforce DAC-9 192k USB input chip

    Hi all,   does someone perhaps know which chip is used in the asynchronous 192k USB module in DAC-9 and I would assume U192S?   Trying to figure out if Linux drivers exist for it. Was anybody able to setup the DAC-9 on a Linux PC? Thank you for your input gents 
  6. VaSpn

    Calyx Coffee

    Wondering if anyone's heard the Calyx Coffee yet? Just got released in Oz at Wicked Digital. Looks a fair bit like the Calyx Kong. Hoping someone might have heard it.      The new Calyx Coffee is a 24bit/96kHz USB DAC that offers both line level RCA output for direct connection to your...
  7. Tassie Devil

    Lavry DA11 vs NuForce DAC9

    I’ve lived with the NuForce for nearly a year now and have not lost any enthusiasm to use it for listening to beautiful music. It handles all different signals with a deftness and delicacy yielding delightful results.   But being the nutter I am I wonder about alternatives – could they be...
  8. Tassie Devil

    Which Headamp to use in-between Metrum Acoustics NOS Mini Octave and Sennheiser HD800 with a balanced XLR cord?

    Looking to see if I can improve the NuForce DAC 9 - Sennheiser HD800 setup which uses a digital input from a Meridian Sooloos system (so USB not needed). The headphone cable is balanced.   The Metrum Octave DAC looks very inviting BUT it will require a headphone amp and one with balanced...
  9. NuForce DAC-9

    NuForce DAC-9

    Note: DAC-9 192K is the upgraded version of DAC-9, shipping April 9, 2012. The USB Audio has been upgraded to 192kHz/24bit sampling rate. Download driver Engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding audio purists while also providing the greatest degree of flexibility, the NuForce DAC-9...