normal bias
  1. SeniorBrother

    (SOLD)STAX SRD 7 mk2

    Hello,SOLD today I am selling my STAX SRD-7 mk2 for $225 including shipping (conus) and PayPal fees. This unit has a both a pro bias 5 pin and a normal bias 6 pin, for both new and old stax. I upgraded to a diy amp and no longer need it. I used it with an emotiva a-100. I have heard of some...
  2. SteakWay

    The Original Stax SR-Lambda (Normal Bias) w/ SRD-7, Great Condition!

    What I'm selling here is the cream of the crop of vintage Stax earspeakers, the original Lambdas. These were manufactured from 1979-1982. Because of this, they can be quite hard to find, especially in great condition. Along with the Stax, I have a mint condition SRD-7. These headphones are the...
  3. SteakWay

    Stax Original Normal Bias SR-Lambdas w/ SRD-7 Energizer SOLD

    Up for sale is my pair of the original Stax SR-Lambda’s. These are the normal, 6-pin bias. They come with an SB SRD-7 energizer which connects to the speaker output of an amplifier. Stax are known for having a slight channel imbalance, and these are unfortunately no exception. The left...
  4. RiddleyWalker

    [Closed] WTB: Stax SR-Lambda (normal bias)

    Hi folks, Longshot but looking for somebody willing to sell a pair of Lambda normal bias headphones. Looking for one in decent condition with no mechanical issues. Thanks! *Edit - I have found a seller. Thanks!