1. 21rmpark

    I just lost my Klipsch Image s4's.

    Ok, I am no audiophile but I certainly do like my music experience to be pleasant. Could you guys suggest me some headphones, something that is a step forward from the image s4's.
  2. nokialover

    Just Got my first pair! Burn in time

    I just got my first pair of headphones, the beyerdynamic custom one, how long will burn in time take? The phone I am using has a built equalizer Nokia Lumia 920 if that helps. Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Board Express
  3. nokialover

    Purity Pro Headphones, what do you think?

    Before you bash the headphones because they are monster, what do thou think? They seem to look good but then price is steep. Is the sound quality gonna be decent? I have a nokia lumia 920 so they will work well for my phone...
  4. samiadinos

    looking for my first pair of "proper" headphones.

    I'm new to the audiophile world. I've been looking into getting a good pair of headphones. I really like the v modas, but idk if they're right for me. I intend to wear my headphones for long periods of time. I don't like too much bass, it gives me a headache. I'd like then to be able to play the...
  5. T-bag

    Audiophiles, I need your help.

    Okay so I'll just get straight into it. First of all, I am not an audiophile and I can't consider myself as one,but I'm not a newbie. I have a Sennheiser HD-598's and I love them. I've done 50+ hours burn in and they're amazing. I used to listen to music from my macbook and then shifted the...
  6. BeyerFan

    Nokia Lumia 920 - Does Music Sound Good Through This Smartphone?

    I want to purchase this phone soon. Does anybody use the 920 here, and if there is does music sound decent through this thing?   Any thoughts would be appreciated, as usual. Thanks.
  7. nyonya

    Nokia Lumia 920 sound quality?

    Wondering if anyone on here has gotten their hands on the Nokia Lumia 920 and can give any feedback on how it sounds. The international version should be the same as the US version for once.
  8. tim79b

    Headphone amp recommendation for Sennheiser Momentum

    Hi All!   New blood here :)   I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser Momentum cans (which are great!) and I'm thinking of picking up a headphone amp to go with them.   I have been considering one of the Ray Samuels amps - either the P51 or the Shadow...   Mainly just running off...
  9. Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)

    Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)