1. ScornDefeat

    [SOLD] Excellent Condition Audioquest NightOwl Carbon - $275

    Good Evening All, I am offering a 9/10 condition (see attached photos) Audioquest NightOwl Carbon for sale. This was purchased earlier this year in 2020, new, and has about 10 hours of use on them. I will ship with all original materials (1/4" adapter, carrying case, microfiber cloth bag)...
  2. Lurk650

    AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon

    Like New. 2nd owner. Comes with both stock pads and cable, along with 2.5 balanced cable and NightHawk Hybrid pads. (That is just some dust on the Microsuede pads) Will cover shipping.
  3. Kevin Tam

    WTB: Audioquest Nightowl

    Hi, Looking for a pair of AQ Nightowls in good condition. I am located in Hong Kong and willing to pay for full international shipping. Please PM if you have a pair to sell! Thank you. :)
  4. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: AudioQuest 8ft 4-pin XLR Balanced NightHawk NightOwl HiFi Man Headphone Cable

    I originally ordered this direct from Audioquest. These are for the NightHawk / NightOwl headphones but will also work on HiFiMan headphones and any headphones that use a 2.5mm jack on the earcups. Great sounding cable that uses Audioquest's solid PSC+ perfect surface copper wiring. Amp side is...
  5. mikewr

    [WTS] Lavricable (Ultimate Line) Silver Cable for Audioquest/Certain Hifiman --> 1.5m Length / 2.5mm Termination

    Length of cable is 1.5m so it's intended for portable use. Termination is 2.5mm TRRS balanced. Works with Audioquest and certain Hifiman's. Not sure of all the models it's compatible with so please do your research (I used it a lot with my old edition x v2 just fine). I rarely use this cable...
  6. mightytison

    Audioquest Nightowl Carbon "SOLD"

    FS are my Audioquest Nightowl Carbon. They are in perfect condition except that the original cable is not in the box. I am the second owner of these. I bought them from another member here on HeadFi. There is a cheap cable from Amazon in the case to replace the original. The LQI cable shown has...
  7. Shahram

    [WTB] Audioquest Nightowl Carbon

    Looking for a used pair for Nightowl Carbons! Please send me a PM if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  8. .Sup

    AudioQuest Nighthawk, Nightowl cables and case

    Hey, I would like to sell three cables, individually or together. First, are the two cables that came with Nighthawk: Silver, solid core cable, 260cm in length. Thin, gold plated cable, 260cm in length. Silver cable, strands, 130cm in length. Got this one as a replacement for the...
  9. ammthe

    Upgrade for Spotify on Laptop + Dragonfly Black + Audioquest Nightowl?

    I'm currently listening to all my music on Spotify. If I upgrade to a $350 dac/amp like massdrop liquid carbon or $500 dac/amp like chord mojo, will it make a big difference if I only listen to music on Spotify? I'm from Myanmar where there are no audio stores where I can go try things out. I...
  10. pihly

    [FS] Audio quest Night Owl Carbon

    Good condition with original packing. The price is 299 with shipping.
  11. jsmiller58

    SOLD! AQ Nightowl Carbons For Sale

    For sale: My AQ Nightowl Carbon headphones. Mint condition with no marks, scuffs or blemishes. Selling these (and several other headphones) as I have too many cans and these are rarely used - time for them to go to a good home where they will get lots of head time!! I'm asking $290 with...
  12. Markdude

    "Downgrading" from LCD-2 to mid-tier closed-backs for more bass?

    I recently got an Audeze LCD-2 (latest version I believe) and sent it to Sonarworks to get a custom calibration file made. They sound great and I figured they'd be my "endgame" purchase, but they've made me realize that even though I want neutrality across most of the spectrum, I suppose I'm a...
  13. Ksweene5

    AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Over Ear Headphones - Mint! - WTT for IEM

    Hello - I have a mint pair of Audioquest NightOwl Carbons I am looking to trade. These are mint, come with original packaging etc, and have about 60hrs on them. I just don't use them as much as I would use a set of IEMs - thus I am looking to trade the Carbons for some new in ear headphones...
  14. flyte3333

    SOLD: Audioquest NightOwl Carbon headphones - Night Owl headphone

    Item: Audioquest NightOwl Carbon headphones (closed back) Location: Sydney, Australia Price: AUD$500 pickup. Add AUD$30 postage Item Condition: Excellent. I purchased these brand new, still under warranty. Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra...
  15. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones In Box!

    These are literally like new and come with everything in the factory inner and outer box. I bought them brand new from an authorized dealer listened to them a couple of times only. Price includes Free USA shipping. Credit cards accepted with NO additional fee. I'll email you an invoice to pay...
  16. Montyburns

    ***Closed***Campfire Audio Nova

    Up for sale or trade is a perfect condition pair of Campfire Audio Nova IEMs with box and case. I have mostly Noble products and like their darker sound signature. Want to try some different items. Looking to trade for 64 Audio U3 or U4, Noble Trident, Orilus Forsteni, AudioQuest NightOwl, or...
  17. psawjack

    [Sold] For Sale: Audioquest Nightowls

    Sale Pending I have a pair of Nightowls that I'm looking to either sell or trade. I am the original owner. Was purchased in a local HIFI store. Sale is for the headphones, case, extra pair of pads, and associated paperwork. Pics are attached. Condition is great with no visible damage to...
  18. jjsoviet

    (SOLD): Audioquest NightOwl Carbon

    For sale is my Audioquest NightOwl Carbon! I'm the second owner of this beautiful pair of cans, and I'd rate it 9/10 cosmetically for the headphone itself. I haven't hit the magical 150 hour mark yet for the NOs but they already sound great to me. Includes most of the accessories...