1. David222

    Potholes, Quicksand & The Butter Zone

    Assembling a quick-start guide for new folks just coming into the hobby. I was reading a post yesterday of some guy that seemed to be cycling through cans every week across all price ranges. He sounded both frustrated and confused. Most certainly not enjoying the experience. Here are a few...
  2. hamcha

    Howdie from another new member (Grado fan, tube virgin)

    Hi HFF Started down the rabbit hole of headphone and tube amp exploration. I'm a Grado fan (SR60, SR225e) and looking for my first tube amp that is less than $200 to tame the high-end of my headphones. Funny as I really didn't consider the high-end and sibilance till learning more. Knowledge...
  3. bowowie

    I think my right driver on my basically new AT's have gotten messed up, somehow.

    I was listening to my headphones a lot lately, they're my first pair of hi-fi and over-ear headphones. They're the AT-ANC900BT, if anyone cares to critique me on that decision. I was listening to some music, and I realized that some vocals and treble sounds have almost a stretching sound. I...
  4. M

    Hello, im Maman!

    I'm fascinating with the audio world whether it's wireless or wired, now I'm joining this cause i want to do some research to find my endgame audio device such as tws, headphone, iem ;)
  5. naungmon

    Budget Recommendations

    Good day! So, I bought ibasso dc03 from the local shop last week but I still have some troubles choosing IEMs. ( yeah I know, weird to buy a DAC first ) I read a lot about the new Kbear Lark and Fiio FD1 but couldn't decide which one should I get. I look for clarity, sound stage and some...
  6. H

    Blessing 2 buy or not?

    Hello, I have had my eyes on B2 for a while now since they get a lot of hype for the price and Crinacle ranked them very high. I have Blon03, KZ ZSX,Tin P1, Starfield and KZ AS16 (had Shuoer Tape but sold cause they were too shouty for me) and out of those to me AS16 sounds the most revealing...
  7. R

    TASCAM UH-7000 as headphone amp (or how to understand amp specs)

    Hello, audiofolk. Fisrt time posting here, and I have a doozy for you all. My interface is a TASCAM UH-7000 and My Headphones are Sennheiser HD600. The Tascam has no problem driving the HD600's, and by that I mean that I rarely have to turn the volume knob past 12 o' clock. But I never verified...
  8. M

    Which are the best drivers?

    As i was doing some research I came across a post (Which I can't seem to find again) where some people said uninstalling OEM drivers (If I remember correctly, in this case they were talking about the Audio Drivers that came with a Dell laptop) and just using Windows Audio Drivers gave them...
  9. M

    Recommendations for my first Hi-Fi headphones?

    Hi, I'm new to all audio related. Just wanted to get good headphones and ended up coming across what Hi-Fi is. I mainly listen to music and do some gaming, and would like to make my introduction into this world of high fidelity audio with the best headphones my budget can afford for my first...
  10. S

    Looking for truly wireless earbuds under 100 euros

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum so if I say something out of my reach (since I am not an audiophile of any kind) don't be very angry. I was always using wired earbuds but all of them ended up the same - the cable got tangled and one side either got quieter or stopped playing music...
  11. B

    Newbie and looking for nice budget bass headphones

    Hi guys! Happy to be here. Not and audiophile per se but im looking for it. Also, im looking a nice set of open or closed headphones with nice bass, just for my Fiio M3k. I saw the Phillips HTF 600-s (kinda old), the famous Cowin E7 or some cheaper like SuperLux 681. I like the Cowin but i...
  12. P

    Newbie here, looking for recommendations.

    I've been lurking at this message board for the last few years. Whenever I'd look for headphone information, I'd find links to this forum. I've become somewhat of a headphone junkie over this period of time, and I'm always looking for a new pair of headphones. I'm kind of a cheapskate/on a...
  13. J

    New user here

    Hey! I’m Jonathan from Europe. I’m in last class in high school. I like good quality sound, durability and old fashion design, like a campfire audio makes. I like in ears the best and use them for commuting, gym. Have a good day everyone.
  14. paulobao

    New member

    Hello everyone. My name is Paulo and I'm from Portugal. I found this site in the wee (of course) and it seems to me a great place to learn more about headphones and other music gear. Since I am a newbie that really wants to learn more about these subject here I am. I hope to contribute too, if...
  15. FreshFog

    ‘Newbie’ looking to jump into the audiophile realm

    Hello everyone, I am quite new to the ‘audiophile’ scene, having only owned a LG V10 and Audio-Technica headphones before. I used to roll my eyes whenever people would rave about audio quality, but after listening to music on the V10, I shut up. That’s not even CLOSE to the best audio player...
  16. B

    Should i buy it? (Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO or something else)

    Hello! I would use it with a fiio e10k olympus 2, in home, in silence (mostly) so I would chose the DT 990 pro, but i heard so many thing of this headphones, it's too bassy (which isnt a bad thing for me, just dont ruin the mid/high tones), it's sounds too sharp, it's feels like cheap.For...
  17. A

    Some technical and shopping help for a newbie

    Hello everyone, I am writing here to get some help in understanding some concepts and also deciding what to buy for my setup. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. At the moment I own a pair of Shure SH840 headphones and a pair of Edifier R1280t speakers, connected to an Asus...
  18. M

    Best possible $50 iems?

    Hey Guys. I'm relatively new to the upper audio world, and would really like a nice pair of IEMs. What I want in specific: - high durability. I want to keep these guys around for years, detachable cables are a big plus. - Good noise isolation. I travel a lot and use earbuds on places, walking...
  19. earsekks

    Looking to replace my ATH-M40x. ATH-A550z?990z?MSR7?

    Hello, I was wondering if there any good alternatives to the M40x' especially within the AudioTechnica line. I'm looking for a slightly V-shaped if not a neutral or mid-centric pair of closed back headphones with good soundstage. I have been interested in the A series, specifically the...
  20. R

    HE 400S or HE 4XX?

    Hello everyone, I've been stalking this forum for about 5 years but just decided to join, please be nice to me :blush: The title says it all tbh. I am in the market for a new headphone to upgrade from the original M50 as I have some money coming in, and after some research, I've initially...
  21. G

    Newbie seeking advice regarding first audiophile headphone purchase

    Been an avid music listener (and musician) for many years now, albeit not a very scrutinizing one. Lately I've felt more and more like cheap earbuds and $10 headphones don't quite do the music justice, hence my dip into the audiophile world. Before I make any purchases, I figured I'd ask some...

    Church of The Electrostatic~

    Hello, forum newb here! (Well actually I've been here for a few months but am just now getting around to making my newb thread.) Figured I'd try and get this new member tag removed from my back. For my first topic I'd like to discuss the one and only: Stax. I've owned various hifi-headphones...
  23. B

    Seeking advice for closed-back headphones

    Hello everyone! I'm fairly new to head-fi and am looking for some advice on my next pair of closed-back purchase. I already have an HD 650 and LCD 2 for open back, and now I am trying to decide between the Sony MDR-Z1R or the Fostex TH-900 MK2. I'm open to any and all recommendations. My source...
  24. Jerda

    ~450€ Dap or dac/amp

    Hello world. Reading headfi since 2 months, I should thank the lg v30 that let me know more of this high quality audio planet: I noticed some months ago that listening spotify with my headphones doesn't engage me anymore so I ve started to listen less music, when I had read bout lg dac and high...
  25. Rohly

    Newbie looking to upgrade, would like recommendations

    Howdy! New member of the forum here, (long time lurker) and relatively new to the realm of high-fidelity audio. I've been blessed with a promotion at work so I've decided to finally treat myself to some really quality audio products. I'm currently using a set of fidelio X2's running directly to...