1. M

    Nationite NaNite N2

    PREORDER SPECIAL: The Nationite NaNite N2 will be in stock by December 25th and start to ship after that date. Nationite N2 4GB + Brainwavz ProAlpha pairing preorder price $64.50 - Normal price $69.50 (without ProAlpha) The Nationite NaNite N2 is the second in the NaNite MP3 player line...
  2. 1

    I need a replacement for my Nationite S:Flo 2

    Hi I currently have the Nationite S:Flo 2, which I use portably with my Pioneer HDJ-2000. I am looking for a replacement for this as while the sound quality is decent (and it was good value for money) a few things bother me:   No lock function, I have to wait a minimum of 6 seconds for...
  3. SpkrHead

    Questions about Akg k702 paired with Nationite S:flo2

    Hello there! I am waiting on an S:flo2 from and looking to buy some k702s   I am aware that they are demanding phones and need a good amp. I would like to ask some questions regarding the k702's SQ when paired with an S:flo2:         1. Would the audio technology in the...
  4. candc07

    best sq for under $300

    What portable player has the best sound quality for under $300?  I already have an iPod 5th diymod with internal elna silmic caps.  What would be better sq wise that i can use with an ibasso d2+ boa?
  5. MPSchenck

    s:flo2 LO > Cardas IC > iBasso T3D > ???

    Ok so I gave my last iPod away a while back can kind of been putting off looking for something else. After researching here I quickly bought an s:flo2 16gb, which I haven't listened to yet, and got a good deal on an iBasso T3D.  I got the 6" Cardas 3.5 mini-to-mini interconnect coming from...
  6. rdnrvn

    Confused soul with some money..

    Hi,   I'm relatively new here. And after spending quite a while at these forums, I'm totally confused as to which direction I should take to improve my listening experience. I don't have crazy amount of money, so please go easy on me Budget is $150-200   I'm looking something for my...
  7. AndySPb

    Clip+ with Ety er-4p -> what sound?

    hi, folks! long time i just reading head-fi and not join to discussion, but now the time is come.   Since my Ipod video dead i tried to listen music through my HTC desire, sound was really bad, but when my "crazy-fun" westie ate my Ety er-6i i decide to find any new source (any exept ipod...
  8. musman

    Help with choosing AMP!

    I have Nationite S: flo2 and UE 10 help me with choose a good AMP I liked mini3 CORDA XXS and 3MOVE, Headstage Arrow 12HE  Ibasso d4 You advise? =)
  9. sdotfire

    Help Deciding between full RWA iMod portable rig and HiFiMan HM-801, what is the ultimate rig basically?

    So it seems to be the general consensus that the HiFiMan is one of the best DAPs out there my only issue with it is it's size.  For around $500 I can get a RWA iMod 240G 5.5G, of course I will need to get a good LOD (probably ALO) and possibly an external portable VCap Dock (but that is a lot of...
  10. fatmarley

    What amp for S:flo2 and Sennheiser HD25-1 ii ???

    My Nationite S:flo2 should arrive any day and i'd like a portable amp to go with it. The headphones are Sennheiser hd25-1 ii, I also have some HD650's.   After loads of reading on here, I thought the ibasso d4 looked pretty good, but now i'm thinking about getting a Headstage Arrow 12HE.  ...
  11. Sensui

    S:flo2 + Sennheiser IE8:do I need an amplifier?

    Hi guys,as the title says,I have the S:flo2 + Sennheiser IE8 (16 Ohm impedance) combo and the sound quality is outstanding. According to you,could I have even better results with a portable headphones amplifier? Thanks.
  12. graphis_7

    pcm-m10/D50 vs teclast t51 (s:flo 2) ???

    Did any chinese friends found any comparisons on chinese forums? I couldnt find any......
  13. ZenFire

    Sony PCM-M10 vs Sony Walkman or s:flo/2 T51 and Olympus LS-11

    Hi, thanks in advance for all replies. I am wanting to know if the Sony PCM-M10 is greater than or equal to the playback of the best Walkman or the s:flo/2 T51. I do a lot of recording in the field and for speaking CD's, and am at a toss-up of buying the Olympus LS-11 to record, and the Walkman...
  14. RaaaghCats

    Don't know what to purchase

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a Sony X walkman to use with my RE0 earphones but I don't know what sort of amp it would benefit from.     I've read every thread I could but some people say any amp under say... iBasso D4 or Headstage Arrow 12he quality won't really make the sound and better...
  15. richbass

    What 2 buy ?? Cowon J3 or iPOD 7G w/ PB1 !??

    My question is exactly what the title says :P Mamba for my ipod 6G or buy a new DAP i.e. S:Flo2 ? I will be using SRH840,DT150 and Upcoming D7000 and LCD2s. Thanks  
  16. Vergex2

    S:Flo2 - any way to stop UI lag?

    When browsing folders (I have to keep my music in many folders because frankly, the UI sucks), my S:Flo constantly lags when trying to open a folder, and it will hang for a good 10 seconds or so. While at home it is a minor nuisance, when outside, it will be a huge pain.   My S:Flo isn't a...
  17. the chemist

    IEM source while at work

    My question is somewhat limited to my work situation. I am pretty much restriced to earbuds and IEMs. I will also be using only one ear. There are times where I will have both ears plugged but the majority of the time I will need to hear the enviroment out of the other ear. I would like to keep...
  18. dragonball

    Fuze or S:Flo2 for following setup?

    1) Supposing I use only 320kbps (& no FLAC) + Fischer Audio DBA2 + E5 will i get a significant SQ/soundstage/bass boost or just a slight improvement using S:Flo2 over Fuze? because i am getting Fuze at half the price of S:Flo2. I dont need videos, etc.   2) Suppose i buy AudioEngine A5...
  19. abhijollyguy

    Need earphone for Nationite S:Flo 2

    Hi all the Head-fi'ers   I need a earphone for Nationite S:Flo 2.   My sound preferences are:   1. I do not want harshness in treble. I want smooth treble. 2. Want mids like I can clearly hear every single words or lyrics in a song. 3. Bass wants awesome and deep/punchy but also...
  20. fcpchop88

    refurbished Ipod video 80gb 5.5g vs New S:flo2 8gb + 16gb sd card

    I'm having a tough time deciding between the two. They will cost me roughly the same amount. I'm worried about the build quality of a refurbished ipod as well as having significantly less sound quality. For the S:flo I'm worried about dealing with all the hassles such as not so great UI, battery...
  21. abhijollyguy

    Best Sounding MP3 Player

    Hi Guys, helped me a lot to select my sound preference earphones and I have chosen Nu-Force NE-6   now I want the best sounding MP3 Player   Please help me in deciding the best sounding MP3 Player   Best Sounding MP3 Player.         Thanks in advance
  22. Young Spade

    s:flo2 / T51 Cases are out :D

    Just got this email from MP4 Nation and I thought I'd share :)   That's the link to the cases.  And here's a pick :)  
  23. kubus

    Idea: Portaphile DAP - lets work on it together....

    At the begining I would like to admit that Im very sorry for mine english. Well, mine english grammar is very low ;/ I had been learning english for 6 years, but Ive werent really intrested with english(I always loved chemistry and biology :D), so Ive never used to learn english at home and...
  24. catchedge

    Headphone match for S:Flo2

    I'm wondering what you guys are using as far as IEM's for the Nationite S:Flo2.   I'm looking at purchasing some IEM's for it but I haven't been able to find any information on what people are using with them, so please feel free to post your setup or past setups that you enjoyed.   I'm...
  25. xxmastaxx

    Best overall DAP/PMP out in the market now?

    I heard TEclast T51 and Nationiite S:Flo2 are the best for SQ, what do you guys think?