1. GSARider

    Naimuniti 2?

    Anyone using a Naimuniti 2? Looking at getting a new setup for my living room...thinking of this along with a set of Tannoy DC6T's and can anyone advise on the headphone output from this?
  2. zardon

    CHC-XPS with Mundorf CAP upgrade for Naim HDX player / Trilogy 933 and Fostex TH900

    I recently picked up a Naim HDX player for my living room and have been impressed with it - the only issue was that I noticed that the dynamics seemed a little flat when compared to my REGA ISIS VALVE and even the Raysonic CD228. Obviously the conveniences of being able to play hundreds of...
  3. Naim NaimUniti 2

    Naim NaimUniti 2

    Imagine everything audio in one place: integrated amplifier, CD player, DAB/FM tuner, internet radio, iPod, iPhone and iPad dock, digital-to-analogue converter and high-resolution 24bit/192kHZ capable network stream player. And now combine all that with legendary Naim musical quality...