1. I'mSparticus

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-MX4 (US) $1200

    Hey there, Well time to part with part of my collection. Up for sale are one of my favorite headphones the MX4's (B Stock) from Audeze. Its just hard to justify having 3 TOTL headphones atm, so reducing my collection a little bit. Condition: 8/10, there are a few small paint chips on the...
  2. JoeDoe

    Utopia - $OLD

    Need to recoup some funds, so here we are! Priority given to straight sales or trades + cash. With regards to condition, all of the headphones below are an 9 or higher on the Audiogon scale. They each come in original packaging with all original accessories. I am considering trades (+/- cash)...
  3. lamaslamas

    SOLD *** Audeze LCD MX4 *** PRICE DROP ***

    Bought on late december 2018, I'm loving them so far, but I need to fund an incoming purchase. Bought directly from Audeze website, these are not B-stock Considering trade only with LCD-4/ 4z / i4 or Abyss, with relative cash difference
  4. Dan Lee


    Ive recently purchased an MX4 from Audeze which I partially aquired through trading my LCD-X with some money on top. I loved the LCD-X and wanted a 4 but couldnt justify it. Along comes the MX4 which is a combination of the X and 4s drivers to provide the best of both worlds. Let me say these...
  5. Dan Lee


    Lot of people posting their Utopias for sell in mint condition. How bout some BRAND NEW Utopias. I am selling these because I have another pair and dont need 2. I was gonna use the other as a back up because for me this is an end game can. I mean I am done after this. I am clearing out all...
  6. Audeze LCD-MX4

    Audeze LCD-MX4

    Audeze LCD-MX4, the studio LCD-4 for music producers! Features Planar magnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response Premium leather for style and durability Made in our Southern California facility Audeze Technology Flux density 1.5 Tesla Large ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms...
  7. MikeRight


    I have decided to sell my main HiFi equipment. + All the elements are better than MINT (10/10) + All the original boxes, accessories & certificates. + First owner in all cases. + No pet and no smoking environments. Individual prices, details and pictures below. Contact me for special prices if...
  8. MikeRight