1. R

    Recommend me a $100-$200 TWS IEM

    Hello, I'm new to the world of audiophiles and for the longest time was considering buying Airpods until I discovered IEMs. I would purchase a wired IEM, but I want to stray away from it especially because I will have to use a dongle if I want to use them on my iPhone. I've been doing my own...
  2. LucasFur

    Louis Vuitton's Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Not really for me ... but they'll sell out and get more people in the Audiophile game! Fashion Earbuds are coming everybody! Imagine Gucci Hifi Gear?!?!
  3. ggibby

    Master & Dynamic MW07 connectivity

    Hey Y'all, I searched the site several ways and did not find a thread dedicated to these, apologies if I missed it. SO, I have a fairly good collection of over-ear and IEMs, but resisted the Truly Wireless because Bluetooth. Black Friday changed my mind and I picked up the Master & Dynamic...